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    Football Season Fashion - What Tall Guys Love Wearing on Game Day

    by Annabelle Healy Published: October 19, 2022 · Last Updated: October 19, 2022

    Football Season Fashion - What Tall Guys Love Wearing on Game Day

    It's that time of year: the season when Sundays are meant for chilling on the couch, wearing your team colors, and relaxing before your work week starts again.

    I gotta say, being a Broncos fan this season isn't awesome.

    I have to stay faithful to my team through all the victories and disasters. But when the disasters get a little too ridiculous, I'll resort to cheering on my fantasy team ~ which ends up being a little more fun.

    Tall guys, whether your favorite football team is absolutely crushing it this season or falling apart into a complete disaster, you can't deny it: football season is a blast. Those crisp Sunday mornings where the leaves are changing and the air is cool ~ there's no better time to watch some football.

    Tall Guys Wearing Tall Clothing

    At Redwood Tall Outfitters, we love some good football ourselves (we've got some MAJOR Big Red fans over here). And we know how important it is to be comfortable while you watch the game.

    So we went through our best-selling fall shirts and pulled a few game day favorites. These game day outfits will keep you warm and comfortable on those chilly autumn mornings, and since they're available in a several tasteful, neutral colors, you're likely to find your team colors among the options.

    Check out our favorite game day outfits for tall guys below:

    Tailgate T-Shirt

    Tall Guys Wearing Tall Clothing

    For the tall guys who love tailgating, you need a reliable t-shirt that will keep your comfortable and cool all afternoon. Our classic Tall T-Shirts are perfect for tailgating on a warm autumn afternoon, and they're available in 7 colors that could match your team... check them out here.

    Sunday Morning Henley

    Tall Guy Wearing Tall T-Shirt

    Looking for a comfortable, classy t-shirt you can wear to church and the game after? Our Tall Short Sleeve Henleys are the perfect option. They have the same comfort and feel as our regular t-shirts, but with a 3-button design, they're a little more formal for church. Also available in 5 colors, they're the perfect Sunday morning option.

    Guy's Night Long Sleeve Tee

    Tall Guys Wearing Tall Shirts

    Planning a guy's night to watch the game together? You'll want a t-shirt that keeps you warm, should you head to the backyard during halftime to play some corn hole. Our Tall Long Sleeve T-Shirts are the perfect option: they come in 7 colors, have sleeves long enough for your tall, slender frame, and will keep you warm even on those chilly November nights.

    Sunday Afternoon Sweatshirt

    Tall Guy Wearing Tall Sweatshirt

    The weather is getting colder and pretty soon, fitting in yard work during halftime on Sunday will be darn near impossible. Unless you have a trustworthy sweatshirt that will keep you warm and comfortable, even on those breezy October afternoons. Our Tall Crew Neck Sweatshirts are simple, comfortable, designed to flatter your build, and warm for winter. Grab one here.

    Halftime Hoodie

    Tall Guy Wearing Tall Hoodie

    During halftime, you need something that's easy to throw on so you can toss the football in the backyard without freezing to death. Our Tall Skinny Hoodies are the perfect option. Made with thick, durable material that will keep you warm and last years, our hoodies are a great halftime option. And if your team's colors are green or navy? You're in luck;).

    Those are all the game day options we have today, but the important principle is to stay comfy while you watch the game. So find your favorite comfy outfit, grab a beer, and enjoy the game. 😎

    Annabelle Healy
    Annabelle Healy

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