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    Grooming for Tall Men: How to Maintain a Rugged Summer Look

    by Annabelle Yorke Published: June 26, 2023 · Last Updated: June 26, 2023

    Grooming for Tall Men: How to Maintain a Rugged Summer Look

    So you want to try that summer beard look - but being tall and slim definitely impacts which facial hair styles look better on you. We're here to help you find a style a style that flatters your form, while saying doable and personal to you. Let's jump in:

    The Most Flattering Facial Hair Styles for Tall Guys

    Styling your facial hair to fit your tall, slim stature isn't rocket science - the trick is the avoid any looks that elongate your face in extreme or lopsided ways.

    To put it simply, you need to balance your height with a flattering look. Just like tall hairstyles might add a few inches, a poorly groomed beard will make you face look longer than it really is.

    Here are a few facial hairstyles proven to look good on tall, slim men:

    1. Full Beard

    A full beard is the epitome of a straightforward, balanced look. It's consistent on both sides and widens your face, if you have a naturally thin face. And if you're looking for a style that fits your rugged summer, you can't get more rugged than a full beard.

    2. Circle Beard or Van Dyke

    The Circle Beard and Van Dyke (basically a circle beard that doesn't connect at the edges of the mouth) are great options if you want to stay rugged without committing to a full beard. If you keep your cheeks stubbled, your face won't look long and thin.

    3. Mustache (But Not for Everyone)

    Okay - not everyone can pull off a mustache, and chances are, your wife won't be the biggest fan. But why not give it a try? In this tall man's facial hair guide, this tall guy tried the mustache and actually fell in love - so heck, maybe that could happen to you too.

    4. Stubble Beard

    The stubble beard is the perfect combo of rugged but clean. It takes more maintenance than a full beard, but that fresh, manly look it worth it. Plus, it's easier to clean and it's less hot for summer, all while balancing your face and flattering your tall stature.

    Tall Guy Wearing Tall Crew Neck Sweatshirt

    How to Maintain the Perfect Rugged Summer Look

    So we've covered a few looks proven to look good on tall guys - but how do you maintain that manly, rugged summer look? Here are a few tips for this summer:

    Use Shampoo

    It's summer - you're going to sweat a lot more, and just like it's important to wash your hair it's equally important to wash your beard. To avoid drying out your skin from washing, use sulfate-free shampoo and apply light conditioner around the edges of your facial hair.


    Using a moisturize like beard oil is essential to keeping your beard looking rugged and groomed this summer. Your beard hair is typically thicker and coarser than the rest of your hair, which can make it itchy or frizzy. Beard oil will tame that forest in seconds.


    Be courageous - try a look you've never tried before. If you don't want to fully commit, grow you beard for a few days and take pictures of yourself as you shave down to a circle beard, mustache, a stubble beard, and eventually clean shaven. Compare each look and decide which one you like best.

    Stick to a Doable Routine

    It's important to develop a doable grooming routine. You don't need to overdo it, but it's important to prioritize cleaning, shaving, and moisturizing. Maybe grooming works best for you in the morning, in the shower, in the evening. Determine how much grooming is required for the look you want - even full beards need consistent grooming to keep a flattering shape and clean line.

    Make it Unique to You

    Sure, a full beard might look good on your coworker, but is it you? Pick a facial hair style that reflects your personality and makes you feel comfortable. Your facial hair should make you feel more confident - so don't be afraid to go against the grain and pick a rugged look you like.

    Those are all the grooming tips we have today - we hope they help you build confidence as you groom and find that perfect rugged, manly look this summer.

    Before you go - make sure you check out our top summer styles for tall guys (tall, slim guy approved):

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    Annabelle Yorke
    Annabelle Yorke

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