Long Sleeve Tall T-Shirt (Also Available in Extra Tall)

Soft, tailored fit and feel and made to last. Our tees feature 100% soft wash cotton that stays soft and keeps its shape.

  • 100% ringspun cotton
  • Pre-washed using a softness-inducing process
  • Available in Tall and Extra Tall fits
    Midnight Navy
    Light Gray
    Fit (Tall: 6'0 - 6'7, Extra Tall: 6'7+)
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 44 reviews
    George H. (United States)
    My New Favorite Long Sleeve T

    These shirts now replace the Eddie Bauer shirts I used to wear. They are a slim cut (that Eddie Bauer stopped making), soft cotton, excellent collar, and the (Large) Extra Long provides the perfect length. I am 6’6”, 220. I love the grey and blue. Now we need white and black.

    Celia H.
    Great gift for my tall boyfriend!

    I bought two of these long sleeved tees for my 6'8" boyfriend. I ordered the Large in Extra Tall and it fits great! He's been wearing XL shirts because he's so tall, but he is slim and they look so baggy. We got these shirts in Midnight Navy and Pine. He looks great in them! Bonus: they are very soft, too. He thinks they shrunk just a little bit the first time he washed them, but they still fit him really well. He likes these shirts so much that we're probably going to get some short sleeve tees, too. Would definitely purchase again!

    Anonymous (United States)
    Long sleeve tall shirt.

    Too big for slim tall guys weighing 170

    G (United States)
    T-shirts a little small

    I am 6’6 and weigh 235. The T-shirts were small in the chest and waist but good in the length. Need to make some T-shirts one size bigger.

    Jeff H.

    I am about 6'5", slim. I wear a 43 jacket. Sleeve length 37". I bought LT from you and found that it was skin tight and a bit short on the length and the sleeves, especially after washing it. I really like the style, quality, and colors (though limited). I am willing to buy another round of shirts but think I need to size up to XLT in extra long.

    Here is what I think needs fixing. I mentioned this before: I have no idea what your sleeve lengths measurements mean. EVERYONE ELSE in the business will say sleeve lengths are 36" or 37", etc. Your fit guide doesn't help much. Also, as to body length, I understand current fashion is short length and tailored fit. But as a tall guy, you know that body length is different for short-waisted and long-waisted guys. I'm short-waisted and the length was too short for me (I tuck them in and put on a sweater; too short to wear alone).

    So, I admire your start-up. It fits a need. You do need to fix your measurement guide and product descriptions. I kept the ones I ordered and use them as undershirts with sweaters. I would like to order a couple more with a correct fit, but I'm guessing as to the size.

    In my opinion what is needed in this narrow market is quarter zip sweatshirts that fit us tall slimmer guys. I buy stuff at Westport and they usually are way too long and fit like a tent. There are plenty of hoodies on the market, such as American Tall (their products are very tight and very long). Perhaps I am a small part of the market and everyone is happy with what you offer, but that's my 2 cents.

    Good luck and I hope you have great success.

    Hi Jeff,

    Thank you so much for your honest review. We're sorry your first purchase from us didn't live up to your expectations.

    We are working on all of the issues you mentioned and we really appreciate your patience with us as we work out the kinks. Specifically, we are working on:
    1) Improving our sizing and fit: we recently hired a qualified pattern maker (someone we should have hired a year ago!). We will be improving our sizing and fit on our next production run. This will include a reduction in shrinkage, moving all sizes down one size (i.e. XLT becomes LT), and adding length to all our items.
    2) New, easier to use Size Guide: I totally understand your frustration with our Size Chart and Size Guide. We're working on a Size Recommendation feature that will allow customers to enter their height, weight, age and fit preference and receive a recommended size. We're also changing our Size Chart to be more industry standard, including all the changes you mentioned.
    3) New products: We are currently developing several new products, along with our pattern maker, to release in 2020.

    We're super excited about all these changes, and incredibly grateful that we have customers like you who are willing to stick with us as we improve. Stay tuned!