Short Sleeve Tall T-Shirt (Also Available in Extra Tall)

Soft, tailored fit and feel and made to last. Our tees feature 100% soft wash cotton that stays soft and keeps its shape.

  • 100% ringspun cotton
  • Pre-washed using a softness-inducing process
  • Available in Tall and Extra Tall fits
    Light Gray
    Midnight Navy
    Fit (Tall: 6'0 - 6'7, Extra Tall: 6'7+)
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 62 reviews
    Mark P. (United States)
    Inconsistent Sizing - Quality Control Needed

    I ordered Medium Tall (3 tee shirts), and they were too short for me. No problem. I reordered the same 3 tee-shirts in Medium Extra Tall. One Was too baggy, one was extremely tight, and one fit just right (kept that one and returned the other two). Inconsistent sizing/quality control. Makes it hard to want to order again because you don't know what you're going to get. I love the concept of this company, but executing has issues. Very disappointing, as I thought I found a new t-shirt company for a guy who has a hard time finding tall slim t-shirts. The shirt that I did keep, I do have to say, is the favorite t-shirt I have, period. I love it, but it's just not consistent.

    Hi Mark,

    We really appreciate your feedback. And I apologize for the inconsistency on the shirts you received.

    We are currently working to improve consistency in fit across the board, including many improvements to the overall fit of our t-shirts. We have learned a lot in the first 6 months of being in the apparel business and now have the right people in place to produce consistently awesome clothing.

    I really hope you give us another chance in the future, I'm confident we'll get these issues taken care of on our next production run!

    Sam, founder of Redwood Tall

    Leslie (United States)
    Super great quality!

    I bought this shirt for my brother, he’s 6’5 and about 200lbs and I bought him the extra-tall XL. It was a little big, but after washing it, it fit perfect! Will definitely buy another.

    Alexander D. (United States)
    Best shirt I’ve owned!

    Being tall and thin it’s hard to find shirts that fit well and are comfortable, “Redwood Tall Outfitters“ accomplished both at a great price. I will definitely be purchasing more from them in the future... I highly recommend shopping with them!

    Andrew B. (United States)
    My Quest

    It was when I was about 11 that I began to experience what it meant to be much taller than my peers, to be physically very different. The experience had some positive aspects and, unfortunately, many negative consequences.

    It was about when I was 15 that I began to experience what it meant to be taller than just about everybody. This began a 44 year quest to find clothing that would actually fit (even after it had been washed and dried)!

    In all sincerity,, this challenge was the source of more than a little frustration and stress. So, clearly, the day I found you folks and the clothing you offer, was a very happy one.

    However, there is another piece of this puzzle - another element of my quest. I am not a fan of paying $25 for a t-shirt, or $65 for a sweatshirt. I am, though, comfortable paying for quality. I do not mind paying more for something I know will serve me well and will last.

    So, it was with some trepidation, with some hesitation and doubt, that I decided to go ahead and purchase one of your $25 t-shirts. Well, to make a long story short, since then I have purchased several more, and just recently purchased a sweatshirt.

    Part 2 of my quest - the search for quality and value - has been realized!

    Good work folks - I love your stuff.


    p.s. I've washed and dried that first t-shirt about 8 times now and it still looks great and it still fits!

    Thank you for this awesome review, Andrew! I asked our Marketing Director if we could turn this review into a children's book, but she denied my request. However, we might just use this in a blog post in the future if that's okay with you?


    J.H. (United States)
    These are tall and big

    I ordered a medium tall and medium extra tall. These shirts are huge and they flare out at the bottom. I don't understand why they're like that. I guess if you have a beer belly that would be useful. I wish someone would just make a normal t-shirt, but 2 inches longer. Not 2 inches longer and 4 inches wider. I too really like the concept of this company and the website is cool and all, and I want to shop here more but I will have to return the shirts. The return policy is awesome though and they send a return label with your order, so that's cool. And if any product development type folks read these reviews, I'd pay $100 for a good t-shirt if the material was right and it fit good. Just sayin'. I'd pay way more than I'd pay for a dress shirt.