Long Sleeve Tall Henley T-Shirt (Also Available in Extra Tall)

Finally, a long sleeve shirt that fits:

Soft, tailored fit, and made to last. Our Large Tall Long Sleeve Henley Shirts feature 100% soft wash cotton that stays soft and keeps its shape.

  • 100% ringspun cotton
  • 3 button Henley Tee with comfortable collar
  • Pre-washed using a softness-inducing process
  • Available in Tall and Extra Tall fits
      Midnight Navy
      Light Gray
      Fit (Tall: 6'0 - 6'7, Extra Tall: 6'7+)
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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 25 reviews
      Tina B. (United States)
      So very happy!

      My 15 yr old son is pushing 6'5 so finding long sleeves that fit him has been impossible..... until now! Got the lg extra long and it fits well and he can actually stretch his arms now. Thank you!

      Micky J. (United States)
      Great Shirt

      Great material, color, fit & price. Plus excellent service. What more could a guy want? Obviously a lot more. A good whisky, a fine cigar and the right person to say, β€œlet’s do that thing that you like!” come immediately to mind. But this is about T-shirts and for T-shirts, Redwood is pretty damned good. I’m 6’6, I own three and plan to buy more. Besides if you are wearing a Redwood shirt you’ll be one step closer to attracting the right person to do that thing you like.

      Wow! So humbling to be included in those few very important desires of a man.

      Thank you for the kind words, Micky.

      C.B. (United States)
      Almost perfect

      I love almost everything about these shirts, and even then the main issue I have isn't a deal breaker. The fit on the body is excellent, they're long enough, and they didn't shrink! The only problem is the sleeves: they are still made for large circumference arms. If the arms were tightened up a bit these would be PERFECT!

      Philip J.B. (United States)
      Is Redwood Tall still in business?

      These products are fantastic and I really looked forward to being a long (pardon the pun) and loyal customer. However, of the 4 orders I have placed with Redwood Tall these last few months, 3 of them have been been messed up. Twice they have shipped me the wrong product. Once they accepted my order and then cancelled it a few days later citing lack of stock.

      To their credit, the first 2 cases, they were very quick to respond and try to fix the problem. In this most recent case of a wrongly shipped item, I have now sent 3 emails to customer support to report the issue and received no reply. The incorrect product has been returned to them (confirmed by UPS tracking) and no sign of a refund. Phone calls go to an answering machine. I am beginning to wonder if they are still in business. Thankfully my purchase will be covered by my credit card company. Buyer beware!

      Hi Phillip!

      We are so sorry for these issues you've been experiencing. That is definitely not the quality we stand behind. We have unfortunately not been able to find any recent emails regarding your items being returned to us but Emma from our Customer Service Team has reached out via email to help!