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    3 Reliable Outfits You Need to Crush Your New Year’s Resolutions

    by Annabelle Healy Published: January 14, 2022 · Last Updated: January 14, 2022

    3 Reliable Outfits You Need to Crush Your New Year’s Resolutions

    Tis' the season for new years resolutions, and if you're like me, for many of them to fall apart. Maybe you've made a resolution to lose weight this year. Maybe you've vowed to stop eating potato chips after 9 every night (guilty). Maybe you're hoping to get outdoors more in 2022 and spend more time with the ones who matter most.

    Whatever your resolutions are, we want you to accomplish all the goals you set for yourself in 2022. And as daunting as they may seem, we know we can help.

    In 2021, I made a resolution to read the entire Bible in a year. In my head, I had this romantic idea that I'd crack open my physical Bible and read it by candlelight every night. The reality is, that happened maybe once. Truthfully, I accomplished my goal by reading mostly on my phone because it was convenient and much easier.

    My point is, it's easier to accomplish goals if you make it convenient to accomplish them. And one way you can accomplish your goals much easier is to stay comfortable while you work at them.

    We've put together 3 reliable outfits to match your new years resolutions for 2022, and we know they'll help you accomplish your goals. Let's dive in:

    For Outdoors New Years Resolutions: Full Zip Hoodie

    Cooped up in an office most of the day? Maybe you've made a resolution to get outdoors more in 2022. Getting fresh air every day can improve your productivity and clarity, which can help you crush your daily responsibilities even better.

    This resolution is definitely a tough one to start mid-winter, but not impossible. With the cold weather it's important to stay warm while you walk your dog, work on outdoor projects, or throw around the football in the backyard after work.

    Our Full Zip Hoodie will keep you warm and comfortable as you get outdoors this winter. With pockets to keep your hands warm and a hoodie for when the weather gets real rough, our sweatshirt is a staple for every tall guy's winter closet.

    Redwood Tall Full Zip Hooded Sweatshirt

    For Fitness New Years Resolutions: Crew Neck Sweatshirt

    Hoping to lose a few pounds in 2022? Let's face it, most fitness resolutions go stale after a few weeks of grueling work. Gym memberships are cancelled, your tennis shoes grow dusty, and the weights you got for Christmas sit waiting in your basement in some dark corner.

    As tough as exercise new years resolutions are, we think we can help. Our Crew Neck Sweatshirt is the perfect wardrobe addition to anyone hoping to be healthier this year.

    Running outdoors becomes a dreaded chore in the cold, but with soft, fuzzy lining and thick material, our Crew Neck Sweatshirt will keep you warm so you can keep grinding.

    And if you do intend on finally visiting the gym, this sweatshirt will keep you warm on the way there but can easily be stripped off once you work up a sweat. Just throw a t-shirt on underneath and you'll be set to get those gains.

    Redwood Tall Crew Neck Sweatshirt

    For Relationship New Years Resolutions: Long Sleeve T-Shirt

    Putting your loved ones first is surprisingly difficult, especially when responsibilities start to crowd your schedule again after the holidays. If you've made a goal this year to spend more time with friends and family, we have the perfect outfit for any get together.

    Our Long Sleeve Crew Neck T-Shirt is the perfect wardrobe addition for any tall guy. Laid-back enough for drinking beers with the bros but classy enough for a casual date night, this t-shirt will become a winter staple.

    Plus, our thick cotton fabric will keep you warm during the cold winter months. Dreading driving to that family gathering across town? Maybe this outfit will inspire you to push onward and put family first.

    Redwood Tall Long Sleeve T-Shirt

    Whatever new years resolutions you've made for 2022, we hope these 3 reliable outfits will inspire you to stay accountable and keep going. We know it's hard to get comfortable as the tall guy you are, but we're here to flip the script at Redwood Tall Outfitters.

    Here's to accomplishing your goals in style in 2022. Happy New Year!

    Annabelle Healy
    Annabelle Healy

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