Full Zip Hooded Tall Sweatshirt (Also Available in Extra Tall)

Finally a sweatshirt that fits: long in the torso and perfectly tailored in the body. Our hoodies feature french terry cotton that is soft, luxurious and never pills and premium zippers.

  • 100% french terry cotton
  • Pre-washed using a softness-inducing process
  • Available in Tall and Extra Tall fits
Light Gray
Fit (Tall: 6'0 - 6'7, Extra Tall: 6'7+)
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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Don H. (United States)
Finally! A sweatshirt that’s long enough

I love this new sweatshirt. The fabric is very soft and snuggly. I’ve had so many jackets that only come to the top of my waist, not to mention sleeves that never cover my shirtsleeves. In cool weather, you need something that doesn’t ride up letting cold air in. I'm 6'8" and ordered Large XTall. My only complaint would be that the hood is quite large as well. The sizes available on Redwood Tall Outfitters are amazing. I will be buying more.

Lulu (United States)
Medium fits too big, no smaller size available

I bought a long sleeve shirt, a pullover hoodie and a zippered hoodie for my hubby's 5oth. He's 6'1" and slim build, maybe 130 lbs, wears a 33/34 size jean. Ordered Medium Tall per the size chart, have to return the whole lot, he's swimming in a medium, said it feels like he's back in the 90s when everything was oversized. Too bad they dont offer a small or a slim fit. The material is really nice, and I wish I could exchange for the correct size. Three stars for cut, and no size small. What's a tall skinny man to do?

Hi there! I really appreciate your feedback on the fit of the shirt you received.

We are actually releasing a Small Tall and Small Extra Tall size in the next couple weeks. Stay tuned!


P.S. In the meantime, please check out our brother brand (www.tallslimtees.com), we definitely have some options there for your husband!

Suzanne G. (United States)
I Love This Thing!

Truth be told, I am a mere 6’1” woman who likes working out in giant sweatshirts, as though I were average-sized and borrowed a sweatshirt from an average-sized man. Or as though I still had access to my 6’8” ex-boyfriend’s closet. Rather than rely on finding Mr. Wonderful before my next workout, I’m shopping for myself. I love love love my extra-tall, large full-zip sweatshirt. I plan to order another. I ordered from another “tall-oriented” business and was profoundly disappointed my what they thought of as long. It’s a mistake I won’t make twice. I’m sticking with y’all.

Marshall v.Z. (United States)
It fits!

It fits so well! I'm 6'8, and i have not felt so good in a hoodie since i was 12. The material feels nice, is warm and a good thickness. The sleeves are long, and the hood can go over my head without distorting the sweater! I will likely get another.

Thank you for the review, Marshall! We're so happy you found us -- cheers to clothing that fits!

Maximilian K. (United States)
It'll do

I'm 6'8" 170lbs. I was going to go with the M-tall but the size guide said M-extra tall. The sleeves are .5 to 1" too long for my liking, and the overall fit is baggy (I tried it on over many layers of clothes). I also don't prefer the longer body (I'd prefer 2" or so shorter). I'd like to get an S-extra tall (presumably the body and sleeves would both be shorter than the M-extra tall), but since there are no Small sizes I'll have to go with the M-tall.

I went with the red colored one. I'd prefer if there was more to it, design wise. It's very plain. The yellow stripe makes it seem more stylish in the picture, but it doesn't show when wearing it.

Regarding the thickness/warmth, it's fairly nice but I'd prefer something a little thicker/warmer. Though since it's 100% cotton it's possible that some people would consider it too heavy if it was much thicker.

This is the only Tall-sized hoodie I've been able to find that is plastic-free (natural fibers only), so it's kind of my only choice. I'm very happy and thankful that all of redwoodtall's clothes are plastic-free because microplastic pollution is a major concern.

They said they have plans for a Small size in the future, so since it's the end of winter I might just wait for that.

Thank you, Max! I appreciate the feedback on the sizing. We're working on a Small Tall size now, stay tuned!