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    Casual Summer Date Ideas for Tall Men

    by Annabelle Yorke Published: July 25, 2023 · Last Updated: July 25, 2023

    Casual Summer Date Ideas for Tall Men

    Having a hard time coming up with a fun summer date? We've got you, tall guys. She she'll fall head over heels for these romantic and simple date ideas (oh, and you, too;) Let's dive in:

    1. Cook Her Favorite Summer Meal

    Sometimes cooking for someone is the most romantic, sweet thing you could do. Buy a bottle of wine, make her favorite summer meal, and enjoy a cozy dinner (maybe on the porch!). Perfect if you just want to unwind and relax while doing something special for your gal.

    2. Picnic Date

    Picnic dates are so easy to plan - and every woman likes them. Grab takeout from her favorite restaurant (we always grab In-&-Out!), drive to a secluded place with a good view, and lay a blanket down on the grass. Don't forget lots of napkins!

    3. Hike Somewhere Sentimental

    My husband and I have a lot of hikes that are special to us throughout our relationship (the spot he proposed, our first date, etc.). If you're like us and have a few special hikes you've gone on in the past, surprise her by taking her to one to reminisce. You could even plan a picnic at the top!

    4. Ice Cream and Car Drive

    This might take you back to your dating days, but this date is always an affordable, fun classic. Grab ice cream to go and take a night drive through your city. Bonus points if you can catch the sunset or go star gazing once you finish your ice cream.

    5. Make Her Favorite Summer Cocktail

    Feeling antisocial? Why fight the crowds at a bar when you can make a gourmet cocktail for your wife right in the comfort of your own kitchen? Get fancy - grab all the ingredients for her favorite cocktails and be her bartender for the night. She will love it!

    6. Catch the Sunset

    Whether you hike to a high spot, drive and park to watch the sun set, or climb to the top of a tall building - watching the sunset with your significant other will never not be romantic. Perfect for after having dinner at a restaurant!

    7. Fancy Restaurant + Evening Walk

    It's easy to get in a steady routine of hitting the same restaurants over and over again. Spice it up by taking her somewhere a little more fancy than usual (maybe sit in balcony or outdoor seating?). Then go on an evening walk afterwards for good conversation and getting outdoors.

    8. Hit an Outdoor Concert

    This one takes a little more planning, but you'd be surprised how many local concerts are likely going on in your town. Try out a new artist or grab tickets for a beloved classic and have fun at an outdoor concert together this summer.

    9. Hike + Hammock

    This is one of my favorites! Plan a fun hike with beautiful views, then halfway through bust out your portable hammock. They're super easy to strap between a pair of trees, and snuggling up together in the forest, listening to the sounds of nature - there's nothing like it.

    10. Explore an Outlet Mall

    Take advantage of the warm summer weather and stroll an outlet mall, so you're outside while you float in and out of shops. This might not be your first pick, but trust me - if your significant other loves shopping, she will love this date idea. 

    11. Frozen Margaritas and Dancing

    Any girl loves a frozen margarita, but pair it with dancing? SCORE. Take her to a fun Mexican restaurant for some tango, or if you prefer more privacy, dance barefoot in your backyard when you get home to some of your favorite songs.

    12. Plan a Late Night Swim

    Take the crazy route and visit the ocean or a nearby lake late at night for some fun, or take the relaxing route and hot tub with a couple of beers. Either way, getting out in the water under the stars is a summer date favorite.

    13. Bike Ride + Smoothies After

    Looking to get some exercise? Go on a bike ride! There are tons of options between rugged mountain bike trails with stunning views or casual road biking trips through downtown. Make smoothies afterwards, or grab some from a local smoothie shop.

    It's not rocket science - just spend quality time outdoors to soak up that summer sun and you'll both have a blast. You know your significant other best! Do something special for her - big or small, she will appreciate it so much.

    Now we can't send you out on a fun date without a flattering outfit to go with!

    Check out these 3 summer date outfits for tall guys below so you're prepared to impress:

    1. Casual / Classic

    Tall Man Wearing Tall T-Shirt

    Our classic Tall Tee is the perfect stylish t-shirt to wear to all your casual date nights - the summer picnics, watching the sunset, etc. Flattering on tall guys, but still comfortable, this is an important staple to have in your wardrobe. Order here!

    2. A Touch of Sophistication

    Tall Man Wearing Tall Henley T-Shirt

    Looking for something a little classier? Our Tall Henley T-Shirts are your top choice. With a 3-button henley design, our Henleys add a stylish touch without compromising comfort on your end. Order here!

    3. The "Ready to Lend Her Your Jacket"

    Tall Man Wearing Tall Jacket Sweatshirt

    You always want to be prepared to lend her your jacket. Our Tall Full Zip Hoodies are comfortable, warm should the weather go south, and perfectly sized to flatter your tall build. Order here!

    Annabelle Yorke
    Annabelle Yorke

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