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    How to Throw a Great Winter Olympics Watch Party in 2022

    by Annabelle Healy Published: February 15, 2022 · Last Updated: February 15, 2022

    How to Throw a Great Winter Olympics Watch Party in 2022

    The 2022 Winter Olympics are here! What better way to spice up the boring winter months than with an Olympics watch party? We've put together all the best tips to easily throw a watch party with your family, bros, or friends. Cheer on team USA as you sip cocktails, dive in to delicious food, and have some friendly competition.

    Some of these ideas might not fit exactly what you want in a watch party, but take the tips you want and customize your watch party as needed. If you're planning on watching snowboarding with the bros in your den, check out the food and drink tips. If your entire family is coming over (including the crazy cousins), check out the Olympic party games below. 

    There are tips to fit every Olympics watch party ~ so let's dive in:

    Food for an Olympics Watch Party

    Potluck Food for Olympics Watch Party

    Potluck for Different Countries

    If you're planning on inviting a lot of people over for your Olympics watch party, lighten the load by hosting a potluck! Ask each guest to pick a country to represent. Then they can each bring a dish from that country.

    Check out this list of international potluck food ideas to share with your guests. The dishes range from complicated to super simple. What other opportunity will you have to taste foods from around the world all at once?

    Patriotic Appetizers

    Make your Olympic watch party patriotic-themed by making festive appetizers. Whip up some quick red and white dip and pair with blue corn chips for a clever (and super easy) appetizer. Check out the recipe here.

    You could also make this red, white, and blue potato salad for a festive and delicious side. Get creative with what you have lying around the house! If you need to feed a lot of kids, put apple slices, raspberries, blueberries, and bananas on a platter for a festive snack.

     Star-Spangled Desserts

    Cheer on Team USA by making these easy, patriotic desserts. Most are no-bake and easy as pie (no pun intended;). They are easy crowd-pleasers for kids and adults alike. Get creative with the red, white, and blue ingredients you have already (like berries, fresh fruit, ice cream, and whipped cream).

    This fruit bark is great if you're pressed for time, but we love these boozy red, white, and blue shakes if you want to have a little extra fun watching the Olympics;).

    Drinks for Olympics Watch Party

    Drinks for Olympics Watch Party

    Mix Your Own Cocktails

    Olympic-themed cocktails can be surprisingly easy and delicious. With a few preparations, they can be the life of an Olympics watch party. If you love mixing drinks, give your guest options and let them pick their Olympic favorite. Or, to make things easier, pick your favorite from this list and make a bigger batch.

    If you've never mixed drinks at home before, check out this guide on how to mix your own drinks at home. It lists all the ingredients and components you'll need without overwhelming you with tips and hacks.

    Bring Your Own Drink to Share

    Tight on a budget for your Olympic watch party? Ask all your guests to bring their favorite alcoholic beverage to share. You'll be able to try a variety of different drinks while keeping your party simple and fun.

    Spice it up by serving drinks in a fancy cocktail glass of your guest's choosing, then sit back and enjoy the games. There's no better way to celebrate than with drinks you know you already love.

    Decorations for Olympics Watch Party

    Olympic Watch Party Decorations

    Go for the Gold

    Make your Olympic watch party gold-themed this year! Decorate with gold streamers, gold balloons, a gold photo backsplash, and shiny plates and forks. You won't have to do the dishes, and you'll be able to decorate without spending too much money.

    Go the extra mile by hanging gold medals from your kitchen lights and purchasing this festive tissue torch. Get all the details right, and your decorating skills will definitely win first place.

    Decorate with Olympic Colors

    Using the classic red, green, black, yellow, and blue colors associated with the Olympics is another simple way to make your house festive for your Olympics watch party. Decorate with multicolored streamers and balloons. Label the food you serve with cards in the same colors.

    You might even make your own Olympics ring logo with construction paper for a cheap, DIY decoration. This centerpiece is another great way of setting the mood for your Olympics watch party.

    Team USA for the Win

    The best thing about decorating in red, white, and blue for your Olympics watch party? Just repurpose all your 4th of July decorations from the summer. Pull out your tiny American flags (or big ones). These balloons and streamers will go perfectly with your decorations, too.

    If you want to make your patriotic decorations a little more Olympic themed, consider this Team USA banner as a highlight piece to your party, or just toss in the tissue torch from above. There are so many easy ways to cheer on Team USA from home!

    Desserts for Olympics Watch Party

    American Flag Cupcakes for Olympic Watch Party

    The Olympics ~ But Edible

    These desserts are super easy to make, and they are so festive they even add to your decorations! Make these simple fruit Olympic torches for a major crowd-pleaser for kids and adults alike. 

    Make it even easier by getting donuts from your local bakery in the colors of the Olympics (red, green, blue, yellow, and black). You can even recreate the ring design with the donuts on a platter if you'd like.

    Make Cupcakes Festive

    Cupcakes are easy to make and they never disappoint. Whip up your favorite cupcakes (strawberry, blueberry, and vanilla are great options). Then add toppers, decorations, and frosting that are perfect for your Olympics watch party.

    Keep it simple by sticking little American flag toppers into vanilla frosting for a patriotic approach. Or throw some fruit loops on top to make that classic Olympics logo on your cupcakes. If you want to go fancy, try out these Olympic torch cupcakes and you'll definitely impress your guests.

    Games for Olympics Watch Party

    Foosball Party Games for Olympic Watch Party

    Host Your Own Games

    Any Office fans out there? Recreate the Olympics games episode by coming up with fun (and dorky) Olympics games you and your guests can compete in. Play pin the tail on the donkey (which is way more fun once you're tipsy, by the way). Or strap boxes of paper to your feet and race like a true Office fan.

    Some other great games to play are ping pong and foosball if you can, or games like Farkle and Scattergories. Check out this list of creative at-home Olympic games, too. You'll have a blast playing against your guests, and letting out your competitive side is just fine during the Olympic season;).

    Have an Awards Ceremony

    If making your award medals out of yogurt cup lids doesn't cut it for you, you can easily purchase some gold medals to award the winners at the end of the party. Keep track of who wins each festive game you play, then award them at the end.

    If kids are involved, they'll love winning awards and wearing their medals just like the athletes they see on the TV. And for the adults - well, it's pretty funny to see your friend with a tiny plastic gold coin dangling from their neck for winning ping pong. Don't forget to take pictures!

    Don't Forget to Dress Up!

    Tell your guests to dress up and represent their favorite sport or Olympic team. Whether you go all out with American flags and patriotic apparel, or keep it simple with a classic burgundy henley, you'll be ready to cheer on Team USA in style.

    Hopefully these ideas spark your imagination when it comes to hosting a great Olympics watch party. Customize your party the way you like, and have a ton of fun. February is pretty boring as it is - why not make it a little more interesting?

    Annabelle Healy
    Annabelle Healy

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