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    47 Valentine's Day Gifts for Her (Simple & Impressive)

    by Annabelle Healy Published: February 02, 2022 · Last Updated: February 02, 2022

    47 Valentine's Day Gifts for Her (Simple & Impressive)

    Valentine's Day is coming up, and you don't want to scramble the day before without a plan. We've put together 47 of the best, most creative, thoughtful, and romantic Valentine's Day gifts to give your wife or girlfriend this year. Personally, they're all my favorites out of everything out there.

    Look through our ideas and get a head start on Valentine's day this year. Your wife or girlfriend will beam when she opens these gifts ~ she might even love them just as much as she loves you! Oh wait, sorry, that could never happen;).

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    Valentine's Day Gifts for the Wine Lover

    Valentine's Day Gifts for Wine Lovers

    Wine Chiller

    This wine chiller is something your wife will be proud to have on her kitchen counter. With a desert sunset design, it'll chill your wine in style and compliment your wife's kitchen decor. Bonus points if you pair it with a glass of wine (already chilled!) for her Valentine's Day gift.

    Red Wine Soap

    This cheap Valentine's Day gift is great for wine lovers. This red wine soap smells like your wife's favorite wine and is soft and luxurious for the shower. Treat her with a bar of gourmet soap you know she'll love.

    Cheese Sampler

    If your wife loves wine, chances are she also loves cheese (who doesn't?). Order this gourmet cheese sampler and you won't have to deal with the difficult decision of picking out just the right specialty cheese at the grocery store. Different cheeses pair well with different wines, so this is a fun (and delicious) activity for an at-home Valentine's Day date.

    Cheese Board

    A classy cheese board pairs great with a bottle of wine. It also doubles as kitchen decor your wife can prop up against your backsplash tile for a stylish interior design addition. This two-tone cheese board is modern and practical, with handles to carry from one room to another. It's a great way host get togethers, serve appetizers, or just have a fun night in together.

    Valentine's Day Gifts for the Woman with Good Taste

     Valentine's Day Gifts for the Woman With Good Taste

    10 To 1 White Rum

    This gourmet white rum is perfect for the woman with good taste. Said to taste like "walking in a field of freshly cut grass," this drink is 100% rum with no added sugar or preservatives. Fresh from the Dominican Republic and Jamaica, this tropical blend is perfect for mixing your own drinks.

    Gourmet Peanut Butter Cups

    If your wife loves Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, take her Valentine's Day gift one notch up by giving her these gourmet peanut butter cups. These handmade Belgian chocolate peanut butter cups come in unique flavors and they look delicious. You'll score major points by not only getting her favorite candy, but by making it fancy too.

    Tea Taster Set

    For the tea lover, this tea taster set is perfect. With a diverse variety of Black, Gray, Herbal, and Green Teas, your Valentine can sample all types of tea without investing in an entire box they might not love. Plus, they all come in bags, so you don't have to worry about dealing with loose-leaf tea.

    Colorful Marbled Bonbon Chocolates

    Don't just get your wife a normal box of chocolates this year ~ try something colorful! These chocolates look stunning and taste just as amazing. They come in a box that looks like a book (which is already so cute) and come in 6, 12, or 24 pieces. With a variety of flavors, each bright and colorful (but in the good way, not the kid's-birthday-cake-colorful way), these will be the perfect gift for the woman who has good taste.

    Rose Loose Leaf Tea

    If you usually get your wife roses on Valentine's Day, it might be time to mix it up. If she loves tea, try getting her this Black Rose Tea ~ it'll remind her of you every time she takes a sip. It tastes delicious, smells just like a bouquet of roses, and is healthy and organic. Your tea lover will love this creative new Valentine's Day gift.

    Handheld Milk Frother

    For the girl who loves her homemade gourmet drinks, this milk frother will delight her. It comes with a rest so she can keep it right next to your coffee maker, and it doesn't have any cords. She'll be able to make whipped cream in seconds for her morning coffee ~ trust me, she'll love it.

    Valentine's Day Gifts for the Girl Who Needs Her Beauty Sleep

    Beauty Sleep on Valentine's Day

    Fluffy Ugg Slippers

    It might be time to upgrade your Valentine's slippers. These Ugg Slippers are super soft and easy to slip on in the morning. With their simple, classy design, they'll match anything your wife wears. And if she doesn't already love Uggs, she will soon enough.

    Body Pillow for Side Sleepers

    If your wife insists she can only sleep on her side, this body pillow is the perfect gift. Not only is is super comfortable, but it also promotes good posture for sleeping and relieves pressure for side-sleepers. With good alignment, she'll sleep better and more comfortably ~ and that's one of the best gifts out there.

    Silk Pillowcase

    For the girl who battles frizzy hair every morning, this is the ideal gift. Not only are silk pillowcases great for keeping hair from getting frizzy, but they are also great for healthy skincare and are so luxurious and comfortable. Splurge a little on your sleeping beauty and get her this lush pillowcase.

    Essential Oil Diffuser

    An essential oil diffuser won't just make you relaxed at bedtime, but it can also freshen up the kitchen and prevent the air in your house from getting too dry (which is nicer than you might think). Put lavender oil inside before bed, and you'll be snoozing in minutes. Or use wintergreen oil for when you have a cold. Your Valentine will love a gift like this ~ she might even keep it running 24/7 (I wouldn't blame her).

    100% Flax Linen Sheets & Bedding

    It's exciting to get a fresh bedspread, and it might be time for an upgrade. These 100% Flax Linen Sheets and Bedding are soft, durable, and luxurious. Just pick out your wife's favorite color (make sure if matches your bedroom decor), and surprise her with something she'll really enjoy.

    XO Pillow

    If you're the hopeless romantic kind, you might be tempted to splurge on this cute XO Pillow from Crate & Barrel. If you do, your Valentine definitely won't be disappointed. A lot of Valentine's Day pillows are cheesy and seasonal, but this pillow can stay up year-round, is classy and stylish, and looks cute on any bedspread or couch. Show off your interior design skills (the ones you definitely have;) and get her this cute pillow for Valentine's Day.

    Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Beauty Queen

    Makeup Valentine's Day Gifts

    African Butter Cream

    It's tough to get makeup your wife will actually use (especially if you don't know what's considered 'good' or 'bad' makeup). But if you get your wife makeup she'll actually use, she'll be over the moon.

    Take this makeup quiz to help determine what your wife would love best, then pick out something she'll love. You won't disappoint! A good go-to is this African Butter Cream. It's a high quality moisturizer your wife will love. And yes, it is a bit of a splurge. But you can be confident your wife will appreciate this thoughtful Valentine's Day gift.

    Shower Bombs

    If your wife loves the idea of bath bombs, but really only takes showers, this is the perfect solution. Take these natural, essential oil shower tablets and place them on the shower floor. They'll steam and make your wife's typical shower a proper spa experience in one easy step. She'll love how natural they smell, and you can be sure she'll love this "treat yo'self" Valentine's Day gift.

    Bamboo Bath Tray

    Now maybe your wife does love baths. If so, this is a great gift. She'll be able to put a book, kindle, candle, or glass of wine on the tray while she relaxes in the bath. She won't have to worry about trying to find a place to put her glass of wine within reach without tipping it over (which is a pain). For your bath-lover, this thoughtful Valentine's Day gift is perfect.

    Makeup Organizer

    If your wife's bathroom counter is cluttered with lotion bottles, makeup brushes, and makeup containers, she'll definitely appreciate this makeup organizer. It has two levels, so it'll save space on your bathroom counter tops. Plus, there are different compartments for different beauty products, which is ideal for makeup organization. They also come in a modern design your Valentine will love.

    Rose Quartz Face Roller

    If your wife is a fan of beauty trends, this Rose Quartz Face Roller will keep her in the loop and keep her skin glowing. Cooling and soft, a face roller is great for skincare and relaxation before bed. It also comes in a romantic pink color, which is perfect for Valentine's Day!

    Valentine's Day Gifts for Interior Design Lovers

    Interior Design Gifts

    House Plant

    If your wife has a green thumb, she'll love a new house plant to add to her collection. Even if she loves plants, but seems to kill them every time, this guide of hardy house plants will direct you to the perfect plant for your wife's lifestyle. Pick out the one that best fits her personality and treat her to a fresh new plant for Valentine's Day.

    Constellation Map Poster

    This cute Constellation Map Poster is perfect for the sentimental gift-giver. Select the day you married your Valentine and you'll get a stylish print of what the stars looked like that night (you wife will think this is so cute). Plus, this poster is classy, so it'll go with your wife's interior design. No cheesy Valentine's Day gifts this year!

    "Where We Were Married" Poster

    If the Constellation Poster above isn't your style, you might like this cute poster instead. You can select the exact location you married or met you sweetheart and turn it into a cute poster that will stay in the family for years. Your wife will treasure this thoughtful Valentine's Day gift dearly.

    Street Sign Poster

    For newlyweds, this cute poster is perfect. You can customize your names on the street signs and turn it into a vintage interior design piece that reminds you of the greatest day of your life every day. Your wife will love how thoughtful and sweet this gift is.

    Victorian Frames

    These classic, gold Victorian Frames are a stunning addition to any room in your house. Put one of your favorite pictures together inside and offer to hang it wherever she thinks best. She'll love the sophisticated style of these frames, and they go with many types of interior design.

    Customizable Soap Dispensers

    If your wife loves things to match, she'll obsess over these Customizable Soap Dispensers. You can design the label on the front and refill them whenever you run low. Soap refills are easy to find at the grocery store, and they are much cheaper than buying a new soap dispenser every time!

    Traditional Valentine's Day Gifts, But With a Twist

    Traditional Valentine's Day Gifts

    Dried Flower Arrangement

    This customizable Dried Flower Arrangement takes a traditional Valentine's Day gift and flips it on its head ~ in the good way. This bouquet will last much longer than fresh flowers, and your wife can add it to your home decor easily. Plus, you don't miss out on quality. These dried flowers are just as beautiful as any fresh ones (maybe even more so!).

    Custom Handwriting Necklace

    Don't just get your wife another piece of jewelry ~ get her something unique to the relationship you share. This Custom Handwriting Necklace is elegant, beautiful, and thoughtful. Write a short message to your beloved and turn it into a necklace she'll cherish for the rest of her life. She'll recognize your handwriting and beam.

    Birth Flower Necklace

    This simple and stunning Birth Flower Necklace can match the exact flower attributed to your Valentine's birth month! You can add up to 5 gold pendants, if she wants to have a pendant for each of her children or close friends. Or, if you just want to get a single pendant, pick the flower that matches her. This necklace is much more thoughtful than the typical Valentine's Day gift necklace.

    Write a Love Letter

    If it's been a while since you've written your sweetheart a love letter, maybe it's time to revive the tradition. Write a thoughtful letter to your wife about how your love has only grown sweeter with time, and she'll absolutely love it. Especially if her love language is words of affirmation! Show how much you love your beloved with this classic, thoughtful approach.

    Flowers, But Take It Up a Notch

    Maybe you usually give your wife flowers for Valentine's Day and she loves it. This year, make it that much more special by customizing a bouquet. Then write down the meaning behind each flower and tell your Valentine why you chose each bloom for her bouquet. Look through the meanings of different flowers and pick which ones represent your wife best ~ she will love this.

    National Park Sculpture Necklace

    For the artsy, adventurous girl, this is the perfect piece of jewelry. These necklaces are unique and colorful, unlike anything you'll find at a big box store for Valentine's Day. If she likes to adventure and hike, pick our her favorite national park, and she'll treasure this necklace for years to come. 

    Thoughtful Valentine's Day Gifts

    Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

    Date Night Idea Cards

    If you've gone on more dates than you can count throughout the years and you're running out of ideas, this Date Night Idea Card Deck might give you some ideas. Gift this to your wife on Valentine's Day and tell her you still want to go out with her, even after all these years. You'll be shocked at the creativity of some of these ideas!

    What I Love About You and Me Journal

    This journal is one of the most thoughtful (and sappy) Valentine's Day gifts you could give. Fill out all the prompts on what you love about your relationship with your Valentine, and they'll probably tear up later reading everything you wrote. For the girl who loves sweet gestures, this is the perfect gift. 

    Redeemable Valentine's Tokens

    These tokens are a cute way of giving a gift that keeps giving for months to come. Give you wife a bag of redeemable tokens she can exchange for different things like a "back rub" and "breakfast in bed." If your wife's main love language is acts of service, this gift will light her up.

    Couples 3 Year Journal

    If your wife loves to journal, this is a sweet gift so she can document each step of your journey together. Spend time each day going through the short prompts, and you'll have something sweet to look back on years from now. She'll love the fact that you want to spend time journaling together each day (especially if her love language is quality time), and you'll make fun memories writing one each day!

    Wood Block Picture Holder

    This simplistic, modern picture holder is perfect for desks, bedside tables, and kitchen counters. It also comes with your selection of 12 different printed photos for her to change out every few days, so you can keep the display fresh. This is a great Valentine's Day gift, especially if you pick photos of you two that'll definitely make her laugh.

    Intimacy Card Deck

    This gift is perfect for new couples and old couples alike. If you're just learning about each other, the cards in this deck ask insightful questions so you can better know your partner. If you've been married for years, you might be surprised at how little you still know about your wife! These cards were designed to bring intimacy between couples on an emotional level, and they are well worth the investment.

    Watch Pride and Prejudice With Her

    Okay, I had to include this one! If your wife's not crazy, she probably loves Pride and Prejudice, and if you offer to watch it with her she'll simply melt. But on the off-chance your sweetheart doesn't like this classic romantic movie, offer to watch her favorite rom-com or chick flick with her. She'll be impressed and delighted.

    Creative Valentine's Day Gifts

    Creative Valentine's Day

    Stylish Phone Case

    These adorable, classy phone cases will seriously impress your wife. You can choose from a variety of patterns and colors you know she'll love, and she'll be thrilled to upgrade her phone case. Plus, this design has a little heart for Valentine's Day, but remains classy year-round. Win-win.

    Personalized Garden Tools

    If your wife loves to garden, she'd probably appreciate it if you upgraded her gardening tools, especially if she's been using the same ones for years. Get these personalized garden tools for her and soon she'll be gardening in style. Made with durable wood and copper, they will be well worth the investment.

    The Office Face Mugs

    If your Valentine is a huge Office fan, she'll absolutely love this dorky mug. You can customize it to have her face on the front, and you'll both have a good laugh when she opens it on Valentine's Day. Plus, it's the best mug to snuggle up with late at night while you watch all your favorite episodes. While Jim and Pam have their cute little moments, your wife will snuggle up with a cup of tea or coffee and claim it was the best Valentine's Day yet.

    Goofy Socks

    If you want to give your wife a good laugh this Valentine's Day, pick out a pair of goofy socks that best represents her personality and you won't disappoint. Options range from corgis to bookworms to cactuses ~ you'll definitely be able to find the right pair for your Valentine. Just make sure you get a nice gift to go with it!

    Elegant Geometric Tumblers

    Enjoy a drink together on Valentine's Day with these elegant, geometric tumblers. They'll be a great addition to your Valentine's kitchen and they look stunning. Classy enough for fancy parties, yet casual enough for an at-home date night, these tumblers are sure to impress her this Valentine's Day.

    Stylish Beanie

    Last but not least, these stylish beanies are a great staple to give to your Valentine. They come in a variety of colors, and they'll keep your sweetheart cozy and warm through the gloomy winter months. They go with almost any outfit, and on bad hair days your wife will appreciate the option;).

    Hopefully you found a few ideas that fit your Valentine this year! Get a head start on picking out a few gifts for your sweetheart, and you'll be ready for the best Valentine's Day yet (whether this is your first together or your 75th). It's important to celebrate your loved ones, and we know these gifts will make them feel special.

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    Annabelle Healy
    Annabelle Healy

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