Tall Guy Profile: Sam

by Sam Huebner Published: January 10, 2020 · Last Updated: March 10, 2021

Tall Guy Profile: Sam

If you’re like me, you find that you tend to surround yourself with other tall guys. Birds of a feather (or something like that?). I really like hearing from other tall guys, and I hope you do too, because our “Tall Guy Profile” series features one of your fellow tall men.

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Our first profile features yours truly. I won’t bore you with my story (but if you need some bedtime reading material, you can read all about it in our About Us). I’m super excited you’re a part of Redwood Tall, thank you for all your support!

Tall Guy Profile #1

Name: Sam

Location: Parker, Colorado

How tall are you? 6’6

What do you do for a living?

Irun a couple e-commerce businesses, including RedwoodTall.com!

What car do you drive?

I upgraded a year ago from a Honda Accord to an F-150 and now I’m a truck guy I guess.

When did you first realize you were tall?

I feel like I’ve always been tall. I have a brother who is 2 years older than me and people always asked if we were twins because I was always taller than him (sorry Ben!).

Most impressive growth spurt?

I went into high school at about 6’0 and I was a full grown 6’6 by my sophomore year.

What do you love most about being tall?

I really like not having to look “up” to very many people. Similarly, height comes in handy in crowds -- I can’t imagine being in a crowd and not being a head above everyone.

What do you hate most about being tall?

Flying. The legroom sucks, but I seem to have even more issues with the shoulder space on airplanes. I really hate spending 3 hours with my shoulders turned at an angle and my elbows sucked into my ribcage.

How tall is your tallest friend?

6’9 I think? As a former basketball player, I feel like I’ve always surrounded myself with tall guys.

Dumbest question someone has asked you about your height (please don’t include any of the questions I’m asking you)?

People often ask how tall my wife is. I tell them she’s 5’7 and the usual response is “oh she’s so tall, too!” I don’t get it.

If you could change your height, would you? Why or why not?

I don’t think so. I’m pretty content with my height.

What is the most difficult piece of clothing to find?

Anything with long sleeves. My arms are disproportionately long (in comparison to my already long body), so most sleeves end well before my wrists.

What is your favorite piece of clothing you own?

Right now, my favorite piece of clothing is a (yet to be released) sample of a full zip hoodie that we are working on for Redwood Tall. I’ve been giving this thing a thorough test all Winter, and it’s awesome.

Any advice for your fellow tall man?

Embrace your height. This was much harder to do as a scrawny high school kid, but being tall is really awesome. And I have to throw this in here: find clothes that fit you, they’re out there. You might have to spend a little more, but it’s easier to embrace your height when you aren’t squeezing into clothes that weren’t made for you.

Sam Huebner
Sam Huebner

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