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    2023 Holiday Gift Guide - Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Tall Guys

    by Annabelle Yorke Published: November 06, 2023 · Last Updated: November 06, 2023

    2023 Holiday Gift Guide - Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Tall Guys

    You've probably heard it a thousand times: "You're so hard to shop for!"

    Between clothes usually fitting too small and gifts in the past being duds, the typical gift giver will simply give up on their favorite tall guy.

    But not this year. We've put together our top 10 Christmas gifts picks for tall guys in 2023 - because it's not impossible to find the perfect gift!

    Tall guys - forward this to your wife or girlfriend, friends, and family to give them the direction they need so Christmas is magical for you too;) Let's dive in...

    Holiday Gift Guide for Tall Guys in 2023

    1. Tall Black Hooded Sweatshirt

    Tall Man Wearing Black Hoodie

    It's hard to find clothes for tall guys, but thanks to our tall design and interactive size guide, finding the perfect sweatshirt this Christmas is actually possible! Our new Black Hoodie is warm, soft, and perfectly comfortable for winter weather. Order here!

    2. French Press

    French Press Christmas Gift for Tall Men

    For the tall guys who love coffee, it's time to upgrade their morning routine. You won't need coffee filters to use this French Press, and it can make up to 12 cups in just 4 minutes. For a richer coffee flavor and an aesthetic kitchen addition, gift this for Christmas 2023 and order here!

    3. Laser Tape Measurer

    Laser Tape Measurer Christmas Gift for Tall Men

    Tape measurers are frustrating to use - but with a few upgrades, they can speed up any project. This Laser Tape Measurer has a heavy duty tape paired with a laser that pinpoints the exact spot you need when you're measuring. Handy for any tall guy to have around, this gift is a winner! Order here.

    4. Otterbox Phone Case

    Otterbox Phone Case Christmas Gift for Tall Guys

    Otterbox makes the most durable phone cases out there, prepared to take on the bruising and battering of everyday life. Available in cool, neutral colors, this is the perfect gift for the tall guy who needs a phone case upgrade. Pick his favorite color here!

    5. Redwood Tall Outfitters Ball Cap

    Tall Man's Baseball Cap Christmas Gift

    Rep your favorite tall brand in style with our rugged Baseball Cap. It perfectly compliments all our Redwood clothing, and has an adjustable strap on the back to fit you perfectly. Every tall guy deserves a go-to hat he loves - and this might just be it. Order here!

    6. Carhartt Gloves (XL)

    Carhartt Gloves Christmas Gift for Tall Men

    Carhartt makes the most insulating, heavy duty gloves out there - and they offer XL sizes (always a win in our books). Designed to equip you for all your rugged adventures, these gloves will keep you warm all winter. Order here!

    7. Tall Black Joggers

    Tall Man Wearing Tall Black Sweatpants

    One of our newest products, our Tall Joggers, are perfectly designed to keep you warm this winter. Made with 100% pre-washed cotton that won't shrink, our joggers will fit and flatter you perfectly. Our Black color goes with everything too! Order in time for Christmas here.

    8. Resin Wood Wallet

    Resin Wood Wallet Christmas Gift for Tall Men

    Every guy needs a wallet upgrade from time to time, and this resin wood wallet is the perfect blend of being stylish and practical. With a Ridge Wallet design and personalized details, this Christmas gift is personal, thoughtful, and useful. Order for Christmas here!

    9. Solo Stove

    Solo Stove Christmas Gift for Tall Men

    It wouldn't be a holiday gift guide without the Solo Stove;) If you don't already love this portable fireplace, it's a must-have for anyone who loves enjoying a fireside beer year-round. Lightweight and portable, you can easily keep it on your porch or bring it with you camping. Order here!

    10. Knife Sharpener

    Knife Sharpener Christmas Gift for Tall Men

    If you've had your kitchen knives for a while, it might be time to sharpen them. This practical Knife Sharpener is a great essential to have on hand - you can even sharpen your scissors to give them some extra life. We love how many sharpening options there are too! Order for your favorite tall guy here.

    Tall guys aren't impossible to shop for - it just takes a little extra thought to find a gift they will truly love. We hope this gift guide gave you a few ideas for Christmas 2023! Happy holidays and good luck!

    Annabelle Yorke
    Annabelle Yorke

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