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    New Year, New Gear: Must-Have Outdoor Equipment for Tall Men

    by Annabelle Yorke Published: December 29, 2023 · Last Updated: January 02, 2024

    New Year, New Gear: Must-Have Outdoor Equipment for Tall Men

    In comes 2024 - and it's high time you go through your go-tos and refresh a few for 2024.

    We put together a list of must-have outdoor items to upgrade your new year - check them out below...

    1. Rechargeable Hand Warmers

    These hand warmers will keep you toasty warm this winter - and you never have to replace them. The battery lasts up to 15 hours, so you don't have to charge them often, and they are life savers if you have to spend time outdoors this winter.

    2. Carhartt Jacket

    My husband got this Carhartt Jacket for Christmas and he LOVES it. It's durable, soft, and looks good on him (if I could say so myself;). If you're looking to upgrade your winter jacket for a warmer, more durable option this new year, this one is it. Plus, they run oversized (great for the tall folks!)

    3. Klean Kanteen

    This thermos is next level. It's durable and made with high quality materials that keep you safe and healthy! We love Klean Kanteen's mission to be environmentally (and user) friendly. Upgrade your old thermos with this one for a fresh new option.

    4. Crew Neck Sweatshirt

    Need something warm this winter? Our Tall Crew Neck Sweatshirts are insulating, soft, comfortable, and tailored to your tall build. Check out our tall and extra tall sizes here!

    Tall Guy Wearing Tall Hoodie

    5. Work Gloves

    My husband goes through work gloves like water, and if you're anything like him, you're likely due for a pair. Personally, we love genuine leather gloves - they are more expensive, but they last longer and protect you from the elements by keeping you warm. Maybe it's time for an upgrade...

    6. A New Ball Cap

    If you wear ball caps daily, you can beat down your favorite hat pretty quickly. As annoying as it is to have to break in a new hat... you've got to upgrade eventually. Maybe your 2024 includes a new ball cap for a fresh look - my personal favorite is here, and even better... it reps your favorite clothing brand;)

    7. Stanley Camping Cooking Set

    You might have used the same camping cooking set for years, which means upgrading for summer 2024 might be the move. We love Stanley's cooking set - it's durable and thick, which means your food won't burn over intense heat. It even comes with plates, bowls, a spatula, and sporks!

    8. Portable Car Jump Starter

    Car batteries die easier in the cold, and getting stuck midwinter with a dead battery isn't fun. The solution? A portable jump starter you can trust. This one will save you in a pinch, even if there aren't any cars around to help you out. It's a great emergency piece of gear to keep in your car for winter 2024.

    Tall Guy Wearing Tall Shirt

    9. Your Favorite T-Shirts...

    Didn't get Redwood Tall for Christmas? We're still here... and it might be a great time to upgrade your wardrobe with a few of your favorite t-shirts. We offer Tall and Extra Tall sizes, so we got even the TALL guys covered. Check out our collection here!

    10. Garmin Watch

    Set a few resolutions for 2024? The Garmin Watch is here to help you track them. They look like a classic watch and can track fitness, heart health, even your notifications. For a productive, successful 2024, this watch will definitely help you meet your goals.

    11. Treat Yourself... Get the Traeger Smoker

    Yeah, we've confirmed. It really is that awesome. Steer away if you don't loved smoked meats, but if you're a smoking fan - this might be a worthy investment. The flavor is unmatched, and if you're hoping to upgrade your grilling game in 2024, this is the route to take.

    Starting 2024 on the Right Foot

    We're not here to tell you you need all these fancy new products to make you happy in 2024. No "thing" can complete your life, and we're not so arrogant to claim that. But, if you do need a few upgrades for the new year, we believe you deserve the best - which means investing in the options that will last.

    Happy New Year, tall guys - wishing you a wonderful 2024.

    Before you go, make sure to check out a few of our bestsellers below!

    Ball Cap for Tall Men

    ^^ The hat we mentioned above? It's the staple your 2024 outfits are missing. Snag a hat while we're in stock and order today!

    Tall Guy Wearing Tall Henley

    ^^ Our Tall Henleys add that touch of style you're looking for without compromising comfort. Available in long and short sleeve, they feel comfortable year-round. Order here!

    Tall Guy Wearing Tall Full Zip Jacket

    ^^ For those cold days, a warm jacket is your best friend. Our Full Zip Hoodies are tailored to your build and insulating for those cold days. Order here!

    Annabelle Yorke
    Annabelle Yorke

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