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    Best Bucket List Ideas for Tall Guys in 2023

    by Annabelle Healy Published: March 11, 2022 · Last Updated: June 25, 2023

    Best Bucket List Ideas for Tall Guys in 2023

    You've probably seen tons of bucket list ideas throughout the years, but have you ever seen a list specifically for tall guys? We know what it's like feeling cramped in airplane seats, barely squeezing onto tiny European toilets, and bumping your head into taxi cab roofs while you climb inside.

    Let's face it, a bucket list for a tall guy is going to look a lot different. You can cross out "sleeping in an igloo" right away (way too crammed). And you can forget "stay in a European hostile for a night" (you think you're going to fit in that bathroom?).

    Plus, even though setting foot on every continent is a cool bucket list idea, the travel involved is expensive and loooong. Imagine sitting in one of those tiny, awful seats for 12+ hours straight. Oof.

    We put together a list of bucket list ideas for tall guys, and we know you'll be able to find something you'd love to do. Check out our ideas and start crossing stuff off your bucket list ~ it's now or never!

    Travel Bucket List Ideas for Tall Guys

    Travel to the Himalayas

    Visit the Tallest Cities

    You won't feel quite so tall if you take a trip to the city. Maybe you're ambitious and you want to travel all the way to New York. Maybe you want to seek out specific landmarks like the Space Needle in Seattle. Maybe you just want to visit the closest city for a change of pace. Few things put life into perspective better than some of the world's tallest skyscrapers.

    What to bring: A versatile, stylish crew neck sweatshirt for rain or shine.

    Hike the Himalayas

    For the ambitious hiker: time to start training. Visiting and hiking the Himalayas makes even the tallest guy feel smaller than an ant. Visit the surrounding villages and take pictures, or take the most extreme path to conquer the tallest mountain in the world.

    What to bring: Sturdy hiking boots.

    Visit Christ the Redeemer Statue in Brazil

    You might be tall, but are you as tall as the man upstairs? Okay, but seriously this is a destination worth cramming into a tiny airplane seat for. The city of Rio is bright, lively, and beautiful ~ so all by itself it's a great place to visit. Top it off by visiting this massive statue of Jesus looking out across the bay and you'll have an adventure to last a lifetime.

    What to bring: A good camera.

    Participate in the Oktoberfest in Munich

    The Oktoberfest is a blast no matter where you are, but Munich, Germany takes it up a notch. Visit the birth place of the first Oktoberfest and enjoy a round of beers with family, friends, or a significant other. You simply can't beat an incredible (and delicious) venture like this one.

    What to bring: Enough beer glasses for everyone.

    Visit Oktoberfest in Munich

    Visit the Grand Canyon

    Close to home and absolutely stunning, visiting the Grand Canyon should be on every American's bucket list. The deep lowlands and colorful plateaus are unforgettable ~ and they'll make you feel smaller than a grain of sand. Take lots of pictures, but stay in the moment. You don't get to visit nature as spectacular as this every day.

    What to bring: A comfy hiking shirt. Breathable for a hot desert afternoon, yet warm enough to combat the early morning chill.

    Visit the Basketball Hall of Fame

    The Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Massachusetts is a great place to visit if you're a big basketball fan. Learn about all the tall basketball players of the past (if you don't already know everything about them). You'll be glad to know there are lots of other tall guys out there.

    What to bring: your favorite athletic shirt (you never know, a hall of famer might just challenge you to game of basketball at any moment. You have to be prepared).

    Outdoors Bucket List Ideas for Tall Guys

    Fly in a Hot Air Balloon Bucket List Idea

    Ride in a Hot Air Balloon

    We're guessing you're not afraid of heights. Riding in a hot air balloon is an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime experience you won't want to miss out on. Check out these tips to prepare before your first time in a hot air balloon and schedule your first flight! You'll be soaring with excitement (see what I did there;-).

    What to bring: Binoculars!

    Watch a Sunset From the Top of a Mountain

    If you don't feel like you have enough altitude already, you might try hiking a mountain to catch a sweet view. Plan a trip super early in the morning to catch the sunrise, or spend the afternoon scaling the mountain just in time to catch the sunset. Whether you choose to hike a smaller trail or an entire 14er, hiking during dawn or dusk is unforgettable.

    What to bring: a warm jacket (the mountains don't care if it's summer or winter or whatever. They're always at least a little bit cold).

    Go Scuba Diving

    Okay, you don't have to be tall to do this one, but it's way too good not to include on our list. Suit up in scuba gear and explore some of the most beautiful reefs on your next summer trip. Pick one of the best scuba diving destinations and book a trip ~ you won't regret it.

    What to bring: fish food. It's like feeding pigeons in the park, but underwater;-)

    Hug a Redwood

    Here at Redwood Tall Outfitters, we have a soft spot for redwoods;-). Go visit the 'tall guys' of the forest in California and hike among some of the tallest trees in the world. If you can wrap your hands around one all the way, we'll be impressed.

    What to bring: Your favorite Redwood Tall Outfitters T-Shirt! You can bet the forest will love your fit.

    Visiting the Redwood Forest

    Go Zip-Lining

    You might not be light as a feather, but that doesn't mean you can't fly. Zip-lining is an absolute blast no matter where you are. Soar through the jungle or across wide open plains, it doesn't matter. You won't regret investing in 30 seconds of zipping across the sky!

    What to bring: a good water bottle. Zip-lining usually involves a bit of a hike beforehand!

    Go Skydiving

    For adrenaline junkies, this is a classic bucket list item. If zip-lining isn't exhilarating enough, this is the perfect bucket list idea to take it up a notch. Take a few friends or fly solo and make a memory you'll never forget. Plus, you'll have a heck of a cool story to tell for years to come.

    What to bring: NOT your dentures (if you have them). I've seen too many unfortunate videos.

    Build a Tree House

    If you have great memories playing in a tree house when you were a kid, maybe it's time to build one for your kids or grandkids, too. Make it a family effort by planning out the design together. Collect your supplies, wait for good weather, and follow a guide like this one to build your ultimate tree house. You'll be proud of what you accomplish, and your kids will love participating in your bucket list!

    What to bring: A hat (that backyard sun is brutal).

    Personal Bucket List Ideas for Tall Guys

    writing bucket list ideas for guys

    Be a Mentor

    Know any other young tall guys? Mentor them and let them know they aren't alone in the struggles of being a tall guy! But seriously, mentoring someone, whether they're a nephew, student, or young adult from church, is so fulfilling. You'll be able to tactfully share your wisdom and guide them in the right direction, and you'll probably learn more than you think.

    What to bring: A teen slang dictionary (super dope article).

    Read 24 Books in a Year

    That's 2 books a month! And if that number scares you a little bit, this is the perfect challenge for you. Read all those books you've been wanting to. Then read all the books by your favorite author. It's a time commitment for sure, but you'll look back on 2023 with pride and accomplishment if you make reading a priority this year.

    What to bring: A subscription to Goodreads!

    Learn to Play an Instrument

    Pick your favorite instrument and start taking lessons. Maybe that looks like learning it on your own at home. Or maybe that looks like going to a formal class each week. Whatever fits your lifestyle, go for it! If you're not sure what instrument you'd be interested in, guitar and piano are great for guys with big hands! 

    What to bring: This gooey stuff to help you develop those guitar-playing calluses better.

    Learning to Play the Guitar

    Learn How to Juggle

    You never know when the opportunity will rise to show off your juggling skills. And nothing is worse than being handed 3 juggling balls and not knowing how to juggle. Okay, this scenario is pretty rare, but learning how to juggle is still pretty awesome. And learning is a great way to focus, decompress, and relieve stress.

    What to bring: These classy leather juggling balls.

    Add "Random Acts of Kindness" to Your Budget

    Adding a "random acts of kindness" category to your monthly budget is a great way to build a generous mindset as your default. Put away 30, 40, or 50 dollars a month toward an unexpected act of kindness each month. Then spend it randomly on a stranger's groceries, the car behind you in the coffee line, or a little tip for a tired retail worker. You could even clip the money to a windshield wiper with a note of encouragement.

    What to bring: A bouquet of roses. Or a verse of encouragement. Whatever you're feeling that day.

    Take a Class

    It's never too late to learn something new! Sign up for a class just for fun to learn something you've always wanted to learn. Maybe that means going back and finishing your college education entirely. Or maybe you just want to learn a random skill or subject like pottery or psychology. You'll learn a lot being a student again, and it'll definitely put you out of your comfort zone!

    Take a class: A classic composition notebook. Don't forget to write your name on the cover!

    Write a Book

    Everyone has a story to tell, whether that's a fantasy epic or a memoir about the struggles of being a tall guy. So write it! Stop talking about the book you "want to write." Sit down every morning while you drink your coffee and grind it out. It'll be so worth it in the end, and whether you publish it or not, you'll be proud of what you accomplished.

    What to bring: A safe. So you can throw your phone inside and lock it up. No distractions for you!

    No Distractions for You Meme

    There's still time left in 2023, so make the best of it! We know it's not always convenient being a super tall guy, but that doesn't mean you can't have bucket list goals like everyone else. Go make the most of this year!

    Annabelle Healy
    Annabelle Healy

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