Camping Hacks You'll Want to Steal for Summer 2023

by Annabelle Healy Published: June 06, 2022 · Last Updated: May 26, 2023

Camping Hacks You'll Want to Steal for Summer 2023

Camping was one of my favorite things growing up. Dad would stock up on Pop Tarts, bananas, and instant oatmeal, stuff our sleeping bags in the trunk of his Honda Odyssey, and drag us all the way out to the Rocky Mountains at least twice a summer.

I don't know about you, but I'm not a fan of glamping. In my humble opinion, if you're sleeping in a cabin, it's not camping at all.

That's why I chose the camping hacks listed below very carefully. These are camping hacks that will enhance your wilderness experience, not limit it. Hopefully they help you enjoy the wilderness and your family and friends! Just don't forget, it's camping. Not everything will be perfect. And that's the way it should be:).

Let's dive in!

1. Use Dryer Lint as a Fire Starter

There's a reason you're supposed to remove dryer lint from your dryer: it's incredibly flammable. Next time you empty that lint, roll it up and tuck it into a Ziploc bag for a fire starter this summer. It's the perfect way to start fires quickly and recycle all at once;).

2. Don't Forget a Jacket!

It might be summer, but it gets chilly at night in the mountains. Make sure you're prepared by bringing your favorite one of our jackets for tall men. These big and tall jackets for men are soft, durable, thick, and warm for those chilly nights under the stars ~ and they look pretty cool, too;).

Tall Mean Wearing Jackets for Tall Men Holding Gun

3. Glue Sandpaper to Your Matchbox

Start your fires with ease by gluing sandpaper to your matchbox. You'll be able to strike a match quickly without searching for a suitable surface, and it's pretty easy to fashion at home.

4. Fill a Laundry Detergent Bottle With Water

Once your latest laundry detergent bottle is empty, rinse it out and fill it with water for your next camping trip. It provides a perfect stream of water for washing hands, brushing teeth, or washing dishes without purchasing any extra equipment. Just remember a bucket underneath the spout so you don't make a muddy mess.

5. Prep Your Meals at Home

You don't want to spend hours cooking while you're out camping in the wilderness. In order to save time and reduce stress during your camping trip, plan easy meals you can throw on the fire and have ready in minutes.

Tall Man Carrying Cooler at Campsite

6. Tie a Hanging Shoe Rack to a Tree

Grab a fabric hanging shoe rack like this one and tie it to a tree as soon as you find your camping site. You can tuck utensils, paper towels, water bottles, snacks, tongs, skewers, and more inside the pockets without dumping them on the ground where bugs can get to them. Plus, the easy access is incredible. Definitely a camping hack I'm stealing for this summer.

7. Use Tin Foil for Cooking

Tin foil meals are super easy to prep and delicious to eat ~ a double bonus. Check out some tin foil recipes like these and get creative with what you can cook/heat up with foil and a fire. You'd be surprised at how gourmet you can get!

Tall Men Gathered Around Campfire

8. Bring a Waterproof Speaker

A speaker might not be the first thing on your packing list, but you won't regret bringing it. Hanging a speaker from your backpack while you hike makes for a top notch experience, and playing gentle ambient music during a night under the stars is simply romantic (guys, take notes!). Either way, you won't regret bringing a speaker for this summer's camping trips.

9. Pre-Scramble Your Eggs

Don't want to bring big bowls, mixing spoons, and cartons of eggs for a healthy breakfast? Scramble your eggs in a bottle or Tupperware the day before and have them ready to go before you even hit the camp grounds.

10. Bring a Hammock (or Two)

If you have hiking or fishing planned for your wilderness getaway, you'll need to recharge and relax at some point. That's where hammocks come in. Set one up next to your site, cozy up with one of our jackets for tall men, bring a good book, and take a few hours to unwind. Hammocks are also great for midday naps ~ you might even be tempted to spend the night in one!

Tall Man Wearing Tall Sweatshirt

11. Carry Utensils in a 6-Pack

Next time you grab a 6-pack, save the cardboard carrier for forks, spoons, napkins, and knives for your next camping adventure. This keeps your eating utensils off germy surfaces and makes them easy to carry around your site and from your car ~ definitely a golden nugget of camping wisdom.

12. Use a Mesh Bag to Air-Dry Pots & Pans

If you're planning on bringing pans for cooking during your camping adventure, you'll have the hassle of washing and drying them. Bring a mesh bag and hang it from the nearest tree, then set your freshly washed pan inside. It'll be dry by dinner.

Hopefully these camping hacks are useful for your 2023 Summer plans! Enjoy the wilderness, be present, and let go of perfectionism. And don't forget to bring one of our jackets for tall men! Whether everything goes your way or not, you'll have a great time with friends and family. Happy camping!

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Annabelle Healy
Annabelle Healy

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