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    Mother's Day Interview With Our CEO's Mom

    by Annabelle Healy Published: May 08, 2022 · Last Updated: May 08, 2022

    Mother's Day Interview With Our CEO's Mom

    For this Mother's Day, we wanted to do something special for all the mothers to tall kiddos out there. Raising tall, awesome kids is no easy task! We want to celebrate all the moms, wives, and grandmothers we will always look up to (even though we've been looking down on them in the physical sense for some time now;).

    That's why we decided to interview our CEO Sam Huebner's mom, Susan Huebner. A mother to four awesome tall kiddos (including our lovely marketing manager Jessica!), Susan is a rockstar mom we all look up to over here at Redwood Tall Outfitters.

    We asked her a few questions on what it was like raising tall kids. This is what she said:

    Susan Huebner with Grandkids

    What are three lessons motherhood has taught you over the years?

    There is nothing that can prepare a mother for the heart-wrenching, encompassing, life-changing, love fest that is motherhood. In an instant, your life and being takes a back seat. Lessons learned: you are forever changed, you no longer care about your own needs, and becoming a parent is the happiest moment of your life. 

    What was your biggest challenge in raising tall kiddos?

    My tall kiddos had a hard time finding clothing that the “cool kids” were wearing. Many times they simply settled for dorkiness. Sorry, kids.

    Huebner Family as Kids

    (Side note: the dorkiness is a huge reason our CEO, Sam Huebner, started Redwood Tall Outfitters to begin with. No more wearing those awkward tees! Check out the Redwood Tall Outfitters origin story and our bestselling t-shirts so you don't have to be that awkward tall kid anymore;).

    What is your favorite thing about being a mom?

    Watching my kids be happy is my favorite. Sounds simple, but that’s all I really need.

    CEO Sam Huebner

    If you could share anything with our Redwood Tall readers, what would you say?

    Hug a tall person today!

    Thanks to moms like Susan, awesome tall people like you exist! Make your mom, wife, or grandmother feel extra special today by shooting them a call, giving them a hug, or bringing them flowers. You simply can't say thank you enough for everything they've done for you and your family!

    If you're looking for some creative Mother's Day gift ideas, make sure to check out our Mother's Day Gift Guide! Pick out something your favorite mom will love ~ you definitely won't disappoint.

    Happy Mother's Day!

    Annabelle Healy
    Annabelle Healy

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