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    Hoodies For Tall Skinny Guys

    by Annabelle Healy Published: April 20, 2022 · Last Updated: April 20, 2022

    Hoodies For Tall Skinny Guys

    Our hoodies for tall skinny guys are more than the 'big and tall' clothing you're used to.

    Picture this: it's a chilly morning. You're about to hop in the car, but the t-shirt you're wearing just isn't warm enough. You grab your tall hoodie on your way out the door.

    As you slip it on, the sleeves fall in just the right place on your wrists.

    There's just enough fabric in the torso for it to be comfortably loose, but not too baggy.

    Tall Man Wearing Tall Hoodie

    Everything about the sweatshirt you're wearing is perfect for tall, slim guys. And if you're a tall, slim guy who's never experience the simple joy of owning a comfortable, quality hoodie: it's time.

    Are Hoodies for Tall Skinny Guys Just Longer?


    At Redwood Tall Outfitters, we're not about sewing some extra fabric on the end, slapping our label on the tag, and calling it good.

    Our hoodies for tall skinny guys are designed specifically for tall slim guys. We've taken into account countless measurements so our sleeves, torso, hoodie, and shoulders fit your build.

    Tall Man Wearing Tall Hooded Sweatshirt

    The bottom line is: we care about your comfort. That's why we built a hoodie that flatters you, is comfortable no matter the weather, and feels soft to the touch. It was worth the extra effort to make all those measurements so we can make sure you're comfortable. We don't take tall, slim clothing lightly around here.

    Why Our Hoodies for Tall Skinny Guys Fit...

    Not only did we measure and design our hoodies so every element fits the tall, slim guy perfectly, but we put in extra effort to make sure you're getting your money's worth with every hoodie you buy.

    Our hoodies for tall skinny guys are made with natural, pre-shrunk cotton, which means:

    1. Your tall hoodie is soft to the touch and even softer on your back.
    2. Your tall hoodie is made with all natural, safe materials.
    3. And your tall hoodie is made to last years ~ so you won't have to be constantly refreshing your wardrobe.

    Tall Man Wearing Tall Hoodie

    Plus, our sweatshirts and hoodies come in tasteful colors that flatter every tall guy. Check out our Midnight Navy Tall Hoodie or Pine Tall Hoodie and decide which one's your favorite (if you can).

    Then hop over to check out our Light Gray and Midnight Navy Sweatshirts (colors that go with literally everything).

    And if you have some extra time, take a gander at our Tall Full Zip Sweatshirts (which come in a tasteful Light Gray and Burgundy). They're the perfect all-weather jacket for tall, slim guys.

    The point is, we decided to go the extra mile by making our hoodies not only fit tall skinny guys well, but by making them quality, long-lasting, and comfortable. Our hoodies for tall skinny guys are worth every penny ~ at this point, it's a bargain.

    Plus, Our Hoodies for Tall Skinny Guys Come in Tall and Extra Tall Sizes

    Did I forget to mention our hoodies for tall skinny guys are available in Tall and Extra Tall sizes?

    Sometimes the Tall fit just isn't tall enough. Super tall brothers, we're here for you. We are you. That's why we provide fits that no other tall clothing brand can provide: Extra Tall sizing.

    Tall Guy Wearing Tall Full Zip Sweatshirt

    Check out our fit guide if you're unsure whether you fall under "Tall" or "Extra Tall" to make sure you're picking in the right size. Then rest assured our hoodies for tall skinny guys will flatter your gloriously tall frame perfectly;). 

    Don't Believe Us? Ask Some Other Tall Dudes:

    Here are some helpful reviews from fellow tall kings:

    "Great quality and fit. I often find that tall sweatshirts for big guys are often a wide sack. This is actually a soft, great fitting sweatshirt. I will definitely buy again for my husband." ~ Abigail G.

    "Finally long enough. I’m 6’5” and slight built, so it is always hard for me to get the sleeve length and body length I need. Redwood hits it out of the park with this. I ordered both Large Tall and Large Extra Tall — and the Tall was even long enough for me. (Extra Tall might be more than I need, but after years of short sleeves, it is fun to have a few that are just a bit long…) Great work with these. I’ll be back!" ~ Dave R.

    Tall Sweatshirt on Bench

    "Finally what I wanted." ~ William G.

    "Fit my 6’10” son beautifully! Thank you!" ~ Sue S.

    "I just got my hoodie in the mail today and I love it. I’m 6’7”, 210 lbs. I ordered the Large Extra Tall and the fit is perfect, not too loose and not too slim. The quality of the fabric stands out as much better that other sweatshirts I have. I expect to wear this for years to come!" ~ Jeff P.

    Free Returns

    We know it can be a little nerve-wracking ordering from an online site. You can't try your hoodie on before buying it, and going off other people's success stories isn't specific to your build and body.

    That's why we provide free returns to all our Redwood Tall Outfitters customers so they can absolutely find the right fit.

    Tall Man Wearing Tall Sweatshirt

    If you order the wrong size or find out your hoodie doesn't fit the way you hoped, don't sweat about it! Send it back to us free of charge, and we'll make sure you either find the right fit or are refunded right away.

    We care about your experience. If you don't find a hoodie for tall skinny guys that you love from our website, you won't have to spend a penny.

    Try Redwood Tall Outfitters Out...

    So there it is folks: why our hoodies for tall skinny guys should be the next thing in your closet.

    And if you're not a hoodie guy, don't worry! We also sell tall t-shirts, tall long sleeve shirts, and ball caps for the tall man. Check them out and upgrade your closet today ~ you'll thank yourself every single time you slip on that t-shirt that fits oh-so-perfectly;).

    Grab your hoodie for tall skinny guys and order today ~ you won't regret it!

    Check out our hoodies for tall skinny guys below:

    Tall Hoodie on Tall, Skinny Guy

    ^^Hoodies for Tall Skinny Guys (available in Midnight Navy and Pine).

    Tall Man Wearing Tall Sweatshirt

    ^^Tall Crew Neck Sweatshirt (available in Midnight Navy and Light Gray).

    Tall Man Wearing Tall Full Zip Jacket

    ^^Tall Full Zip Hooded Jacket (available in Light Gray and Burgundy).

    Annabelle Healy
    Annabelle Healy

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