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    Keep Momentum: Tall Men's Fitness Tips for Staying Active in Winter

    by Annabelle Yorke Published: January 08, 2024 · Last Updated: January 08, 2024

    Keep Momentum: Tall Men's Fitness Tips for Staying Active in Winter

    January: the month of New Year's resolutions and one of the coldest times of the year to get back into your workout routine.

    If you're like me, exercising outdoors is always better. With the wind in your hair, the sun shining down on you, and nature surrounding you - working out seems so much more fun.

    But mid-January? At least here in Colorado, we're buried in snow and shivering in the cold. Not exactly ideal weather for outdoor workouts.

    If you've set a fitness resolution for yourself this year, you don't want to give it up simply because of the weather. But how do you maintain momentum? That's what we're tackling today, and we have a few tips that might help. Let's dive in...

    Tall Guys Wearing Tall T-Shirts Hiking

    1. Find Indoor Alternatives

    So you prefer outdoor workouts - but sometimes the weather doesn't cooperate. Don't ditch your run, bike ride, or hike. While not as breathtaking, there are plenty of alternatives indoors, and doing something is better than nothing!

    Run on the treadmill, bike indoors, or find other forms of cardio you enjoy like the rower or stair stepper. Listen to a podcast or watch something along the way to keep things interesting. It might be boring, but at least you're warm.

    2. ...Or Bundle Up & Plan Ahead

    If indoor exercise isn't for you, you don't have to abandon cardio. It'll just take a bit more planning to pull it off. Firstly, check your city's forecast and plan your cardio days ahead of time on the warmest days of the week. If you can, plan to be outside during the warmest part of the day, around noon to 3pm.

    Then... bundle up! You'll want gloves, a beanie, and thick socks along with a warm jacket and sweatpants you can trust. For days with windchill, you might have to layer your pants. But for some time in nature? Worth it.

    3. Embrace the Discomfort

    Working out will always feel uncomfortable, even if you make a habit out of it. And that's the thing - no matter what season you're in, consistent fitness will always be inconvenient. The sooner you embrace the discomfort, the sooner you'll start the see the progress you're working towards.

    So yeah, working out mid-winter sucks. Driving to the gym while it's 20° out sucks. Running in the bitter cold sucks. But the consistency will pay off.

    4. Wear Warm Clothes Over Your Gym Fit

    My least favorite part about going to the gym mid-winter? The walk to and from the car. We go to a larger gym, which means we often have to park towards the back and hike in. That distance is just long enough to make me shiver, which kills my motivation to peel off my jacket and start lifting weights.

    The solution? Warm clothes over my gym outfit that are easy to take on and off. I've been wearing sweatpants over my shorts, a hoodie and a winter jacket over my t-shirt, and sometimes a beanie too.

    5. Hot Tube/Sauna Afterwards

    If your gym membership includes it, I highly recommend hitting the hot tub or sauna after you work out. It's not just relaxing - it also raises your body temp to better handle the cold on the way home. Every time I take 20 minutes in the sauna after I work out, the cold doesn't bother me for at least an hour afterwards.

    Plus, it gives you something to look forward to once you finish your workout!

    Fight Through the Cold

    Remember, as soon as you start working out your body will warm up again and the cold will be a distant memory. It might just take a bit more motivation to get started. Stick with your goals for 2024 - don't let "January weather" be the reason you gave up on your resolutions.

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    Annabelle Yorke
    Annabelle Yorke

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