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    Redwood 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

    by Annabelle Healy Published: November 09, 2022 · Last Updated: November 09, 2022

    Redwood 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

    It's that time of the year again, and we're here to share our top favorite gifts for tall guys in 2022. Whether you're outdoors-y, sporty, relaxed, or adventurous - our picks for the perfect gifts are in. Check out our top favorite Christmas gifts for tall guys below!

    Christmas Gift Guide for Tall Guys

    1. Stanley French Press


    Stanley French Press Gift for Tall Guys


    This classy Stanley French Press pitcher is perfect for tall guys who take coffee seriously. Designed to brew your coffee to perfection whether you're camping or at home, and insulated to keep your coffee piping hot until you pour, this is a great way to bring coffee to your whole gang. Grab this awesome Christmas gift here (in the color you want, too!)

    2. Short Sleeve Tee - Burgundy

    Tall Guy Wearing Tall T-Shirt

    Nothing quite competes with a solid, staple t-shirt for guys. Our Tall, Slim T-Shirts for guys are designed to be comfy and flattering even for the tall guys! They're perfect for Christmas morning, casual afternoons watching football, and as a great staple shirt to wear year-round. Give the gift of comfort + style and order a tall t-shirt here.

    3. Keychron K2 Mechanical Keyboard

    Keyboard Christmas Gift for Tall Guys

    If you work from home, this wireless keyboard is an absolute must. It has incredibly high ratings, is available in the variation you prefer, and backlights for a sleek, modern look. At a pretty affordable price, this Christmas gift for tall guys is a no brainer! Order a keyboard here.

    4. Bachan's Japanese BBQ Sauce

    Barbecue Sauce Christmas Gift for Tall Guys

    Bachan's Classic Barbecue Sauce is a staple for any tall guy who loves grilling or smoking. With a unique, Japanese flavor that adds delicious depth to anything you grill, this sauce is one of a kind. Over all, this Christmas gift for tall guys is tasty, affordable, and sure to please. Order a bottle (or a few!) here.

    5. America the Beautiful Pass

    America the Beautiful Pass Gift for Men

    Love exploring and adventuring through the United State's diverse landscape? The America the Beautiful National Park Pass is the perfect Christmas gift. It gains you access to all America's national parks in one, easy to use pass. Plus, it lasts the whole year, so you can count on a summer of adventure. Order the pass here.

    6. Hooded Sweatshirt - Navy 

    Hooded Tall Sweatshirt Laying Flat

    With the weather getting colder every day, every tall guy needs a hoodie he can trust. Our tall Hooded Sweatshirts are the perfect option - they're made with thick, long-lasting materials, available in tasteful colors, and tailored to fit that tall, slim build. You can't find a better Christmas gift for tall guys than that! Order a sweatshirt here.

    7. Cooling Weighted blanket

    Cooling Weighted Blanket Christmas Gift for Tall Guys

    You've heard of weighted blankets, but have you heard of cooling weighted blankets? This Cooling Weighted Blanket has all the benefits of a regular weighted blanket without making you overheat underneath. Available in classy colors and well worth the price, this blanket is the perfect cozy Christmas gift for men. Order one here.

    8. The Ridge Wallet

    Ridge Wallet Christmas Gift for Tall Guys

    If you haven't heard about the famous Ridge Wallet, it's high time you have. Designed to keep your cards, cash, and ID protected in a sleek, compact design (RFID protected, by the way), this wallet is every guy's dream. No more worn leather wallets that bulge in your pocket. Choose a classy design and splurge a little this Christmas, you won't regret it. Order the Ridge Wallet here.

    Those are all the gifts we have this year - hopefully they got your wheels turning and offered you some great gift options for the tall guys in your life. They're sure to love any one of these thoughtful, awesome gifts! Merry Christmas and happy shopping!

    Annabelle Healy
    Annabelle Healy

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