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    Clever & Minimalist Halloween Costumes for Tall Guys

    by Annabelle Healy Published: October 19, 2022 · Last Updated: October 19, 2022

    Clever & Minimalist Halloween Costumes for Tall Guys

    Halloween - either you love dressing up and planning an elaborate (and usually expensive) costume, or you'd rather pass. For the tall guys who like to keep things simple, we know picking out a creative costume can be draining.

    We've picked out our favorite clever costumes for tall guys to get your wheels turning - all are affordable, comfortable, clever, and simple! Check them out below: 

    Dude with Sign

    Dude with Sign costumes for tall guys

    Maybe you've heard about the Dude with Sign, maybe you haven't (you can check out his hilarious Instagram page here). But whether you're familiar with him or not, he makes for a hilarious and easy Halloween costume! All you need is a casual tall t-shirt, a big square of cardboard, a sharpie, and a cheeky message you want to broadcast on Halloween night (maybe "you don't need to spend hundreds of $ on a Halloween costume").

    3-Hole-Punch Version of Yourself

    three hole punch costumes for tall guys

    Any of Jim Halpert's Halloween costumes from The Office would suffice, but the "three hole punch version of Jim" is my personal favorite. Jim's a tall guy, so this costume for tall guys is perfect if you want to go the simple, clever route. All you need is a white button-down, a tie, and three black circles of paper to tape on!

    Short Guy on Stilts

    Short Guy on Stilts halloween costumes for tall guys

    This is the kind of costume only tall, slim guys can pull off. With a little handiwork and a few boxes, this costume is easy to put together and hilarious no matter what your Halloween plans are. You'll win the "most clever costume" award like it's nothing.

    Chick Magnet

    Chick magnet costumes for tall guys

    Chicks dig tall guys, so what better Halloween costume for tall guys than a chick magnet? Grab the magnet piece on Amazon and pair with a red robe (or just keep it simple and wear your favorite tall shirt for comfort). You'll get a lot of laughs, and this costume is as simple as throwing a magnet over your shoulders.

    Stick Figure

    Stick Figure costumes for tall guys

    Finding a stick figure costume is pretty easy and affordable, but you can also make it yourself with a black full body suit and a bunch of glow sticks! This costume really is worn best on tall, skinny guys.

    Instagram Vs. Reality

    Instagram Vs. Reality costumes for tall guys

    This costume for tall skinny guys is hilarious, especially if you're looking for a couple's option! Let your wife curl her hair and get fancy, while you throw on a messy wig and wear the same colors as her to "match." You'll get a ton of laughs, and it's super simple to pull off!

    Slim Jim

    Slim Jim costumes for tall guys

    Yet another clever costume only the tall guys can pull off. Slim Jim costumes are tricky to find, but making your own is simple! Just wear yellow pants or overalls, a tall red shirt, and print out the hat to tape it into a circle.

    Fork in the Road

    Fork in the road costumes for tall guys

    Having a hard time deciding between all these Halloween costumes for tall guys? Maybe you're at a... fork in the road...? There's your answer right there, and all it takes is a black t-shirt (like this one specifically for tall slim guys;), a plastic fork, and a few white rectangles of felt or paper. Clever and simple!

    Red Flags

    Red Flags costumes for tall guys

    Ever heard the phrase, "they're a walking red flag"? Well, now you can be. This shirt is a simple and clever option to getting out of wearing a costume this Halloween, but you could also just tape a bunch of red flags to your regular clothes to go the extra mile. Write phrases like "pours milk before the cereal" on each of the flags for added effect.

    Napoleon Dynamite

    Napoleon Dynamite costumes for tall guys

    Napoleon Dynamite is a classic, and it's the perfect costume for tall, skinny guys. Grab a "Vote for Pedro" shirt and an afro wig, and you'll be good to go this Halloween. If you can't find a shirt size that fits you, tape the words onto one of our tall, slim white t-shirts and it'll be just as good. Bonus points if you can convince a shorter friend to dress up as Pedro!

    That's all we have for now! Get creative this Halloween, work smarter (not harder), and good luck with your next Halloween costume for tall guys.

    Annabelle Healy
    Annabelle Healy

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