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    Tall Guy Fall Bucket List: 2023

    by Annabelle Yorke Published: September 11, 2023 · Last Updated: October 04, 2023 1 Comment

    Tall Guy Fall Bucket List: 2023

    Fall is officially here, which means it's time to bust out the flannels, enjoy a hot cup of coffee in the morning, and admire all the changing fall colors.

    Take advantage of the season before the holidays hit and add these options to your fall calendar. Here are a few autumn activities you'll want to try!

    1. Pick the Perfect Pumpkin

    Whether you visit a pumpkin patch every year or grab a few at your local grocery store, make a hunt out of it. You're looking for the perfect pumpkin this fall - can you find it? Add a touch of competition by making it a family race to find the best pumpkin.

    When to do it: Before the first frost. Make sure to harvest your pumpkin not too early - but also not too late.

    What to bring: A measuring tape - how else are you going to determine whose pumpkin is the biggest?

    2.  Challenge Your Pumpkin-Carving Skills

    Once you bring your perfect pumpkin home, it's time to carve it into something scary. Go ahead, stray from the cliche smile and challenge yourself with something more complex. You might not be a pumpkin carving master, but you might surprise yourself with skills you didn't know you had.

    When to do it: Before Halloween. Got to welcome trick-or-treaters somehow.

    What to bring: Best thing about carving pumpkins? You can stay home and stay comfortable, which means repping your favorite pair of sweatpants

    3. Roast Marshmallows, Bonfire Style

    Marshmallows are even cooler cooked over a bonfire. Host or attend a bonfire to stay warm, celebrate the end of the summer season, and have an excuse to invite friends and family over for fun. Pair with chili for the perfect combo.

    When to do it: Early evening - that wood will keep burning for a while.

    What to bring: It gets chilly outdoors as the seasons change. Stay warm wearing our Full Zip Hoodie.

    Tall Guys Wearing Tall Shirts Next to Fire

    4. Make Yard Work Fun

    Yard work essentially doubles when the leaves start to drop, but that doesn't mean all bad news. No one's too old for jumping in a leaf pile, and it's even more fun seeing how tall you can make it. Time goes faster when you're having fun!

    When to do it: After the majority of your leaves fall.

    What to bring: Pumpkin leaf bags: Halloween decor and clean up all in one.

    5. Attend Oktoberfest

    You need to attend legendary celebration if you love beer, brats, or really anything Irish. Find a local Oktoberfest near you to see when their celebration is scheduled and sign up. Trust me, well worth the investment.

    When to do it: September - October

    What to bring: Your best German outfit

    6. Listen to a Fall Playlist & Look at Fall Colors

    Looking for a more relaxing option? Build a fall playlist and drive around your local city, admiring the changing colors. If you're like me, you have quite a few songs in your playlists that remind you of fall. Toss those into one album, grab a latte, and go driving.

    When to do it: When the leaves are brightest, typically mid-late September.

    What to bring: A hot latte

    Tall Guy Wearing Tall Shirt Holding Coffee

    7. Go Apple Picking with Your Family

    It really is a blast picking your own apples each year with your family. Bring them home to turn them into applesauce, apple pie, cobbler, and more. Plus, it's a fun excuse to get outside when the weather turns chilly.

    When to do it: August - mid October

    What to bring: Stay warm outside and bring your favorite hoodie.

    8. Whip Up Some Fun Fall Cocktails

    Like making your own cocktails? Add a fall twist and serve up something cozy. There are tons of fall cocktail recipes to choose from - plan to have your friends over for some drinks to enjoy the season.

    When to do it: Anytime this fall!

    What to bring: Friends who appreciate a classy homemade cocktail

    9. Try No-Shave November

    Had to save the best for last! If you've never done it before, try no-shave November. It's hassle free, fun, and if you're typically clean-shaven, it's a good opportunity to mix up your look. Your wife might not be the biggest fan - but it's only one month;)

    When to do it: November

    What to bring: You need to pair your classy new look with an outfit that matches - grab one of our Henleys for a sophisticated yet relaxed look that will compliment all your fall outfits.

    Time Flies

    It's easy to get wrapped up in responsibilities and forget to slow down and enjoy the "now." Don't let fall fly by unnoticed. Do something fun, enjoy that perfect not-cold-but-not-hot weather, and spend some quality time with family this autumn. It won't last forever.

    Before you go, make sure to check out a few of our fall favorites - you won't want to go this autumn without them!

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    Annabelle Yorke
    Annabelle Yorke

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    October 04, 2023

    Ahhh, Okfoberfest is a * German * tradition, yes?

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