7 Layering Tips for Tall Men: How to Stay Stylish & Comfortable in Changing Weather

by Annabelle Yorke Published: September 28, 2023 · Last Updated: September 28, 2023

7 Layering Tips for Tall Men: How to Stay Stylish & Comfortable in Changing Weather

With fall in full swing, layering season is back - and you might be scratching your head to figure out what layering techniques actually look good.

You want to be comfortable, stay practical, and look stylish all at once - and it's hard finding a layering strategy that nails all three on the head.

Today we're going to break it down: how to layer properly with 0 effort and still look awesome, all in 7 short tips to guide you.

Let's dive in!

1. Light Layers Inside, Heavy Layers Outside

Our tip #1 for layering is easy to remember as you get ready each morning: keep lighter layers on the inside and heavier layers on the outside. For example, jackets and sweatshirts perform as your outermost layer, flannels and sweaters perform as your middle layers, and t-shirts and polos remain your innermost layers. If it's thick, it probably goes on last.

Tall Man Wearing Tall Hoodie

2. Keep Visible Layers to 3 or Less

Anything over 3 layers starts to look cluttered and tacky. If you're choosing a layered look, stick to 3 layers or less (excluding undershirts, of course). Two-three layers are easier to work with, and during the fall season, you rarely need more than 3 layers to stay warm anyway. Stay classy and keep it to 3.

3. Invest in Smooth Zippers

Each layer you choose should be easy to take on and off - that's the point of layering, after all. During the fall, the mornings and evenings can get cold but midday you might need to peel off a few layers. Invest in smooth zippers so you're not struggling to de-layer at noon. You want each of your layering pieces to come on and off with ease.

4. Choose Natural Autumn Colors for Fall

Another challenge with layering is finding complimenting colors that match. We have good news, tall guys: it's easy to match in fall. Just stick to natural fall colors - the colors you'd see in fading forest foliage. Deep greens, burnt oranges, dark reds, rich yellows, warm cream colors, oatmeal, and all the browns should be your go-to's this autumn. They look great together and make layering a cinch.

Tall Men Wearing Tall Clothing in Fall Colors

5. Vary Color, Shade, Texture, & Style - No Repeats

When you layer, make sure to vary each piece you choose. Don't repeat colors, textures, or styles. Your colors should vary from dark to light, your textures should vary from textured to soft, and your styles should vary from flannel to jean jacket to sweater. The more you vary, the better your layered look will be.

6. Dark Colors on the Outside, Light Colors on the Inside

Another rule of thumb: keep dark colors on the outside and light colors on the inside. Having lighter colors inside draws the eye and creates the balance you're hoping for when you layer. It's an easy rule to remember once you start practicing it!

7. Choose Independent Layers Only

Like we said above about investing in quality zippers, you want each of your layering pieces to function independently. They should be easy to take off, put on, and switch up on the fly. Your day might change, the weather might shift, and you want an outfit that's as flexible as you are. Invest in pieces that not only look great layering - but look great worn all by themselves, too!

Tall Man Wearing Tall Full Zip Jacket

Stay You.

Above all, your layered looks should make you feel comfortable and confident. As you learn how to layer, make sure you're still sticking to your personality. Let your style shine through as you experiment, and pick pieces that feel comfortable this fall.

We hope these tips inspired you to try some classy new layered looks this fall!

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Annabelle Yorke
Annabelle Yorke

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