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    Tall Hoodies for Men: 5 Uses & Why They're Great for Winter

    by Annabelle Healy Published: December 08, 2022 · Last Updated: December 09, 2022

    Tall Hoodies for Men: 5 Uses & Why They're Great for Winter

    With the seasons changing, so does your wardrobe. And as a tall, skinny guy, we know it's hard to find winter clothes that check all your boxes.

    Of course whatever you wear should be comfortable, but now you have to make sure your sleeves are long enough and the material is thick enough to keep you warm - all while finding sizes that fit your build.

    The task seems impossible, but we're here to help! We believe our Tall, Slim Hoodie is one of the best winter staples for tall guys this winter, and we want to share why. Nothing beats a warm, comfy hoodie you can trust - and tall guys deserve that privilege too.

    So here's why our Tall, Slim Hoodie is the perfect option for you, along with a few of our favorite uses as you wear it. Read here:

    1. Stay Warm While You Shovel the Driveway

    Tall Guy Wearing Tall Hoodie

    For the tall guys who live in snowy states, you're probably familiar with the struggle to keep your driveway clear of snow. Out in the bitter cold, you need something that will keep you warm without hindering how fast you shovel. Our Tall Hoodies are the perfect option: they're thick, warm, easy to throw on, and aren't so poofy you can't move easily. Order a hoodie for snow shoveling here.

    2. Throw on Post-Gym

    Tall Guy Wearing Tall Hooded Sweatshirt

    The grind doesn't stop mid-winter, and if you're still making an effort to hit the gym despite the weather, we applaud you. That walk back to the car is still bitter cold, though, and throwing on a warm hoodie after your workout will make your life easier (and less frigid). Order one of our Hoodies here for the perfect sweatshirt to throw on post-workout.

    3. Take Your Dog for a Walk in Style

    Tall Guy Wearing Tall Hoodie

    Your dog still needs exercise no matter the weather, so you might as well be comfortable while you walk them. Throw on one of our Tall Winter Hoodies and you'll be good to go, even during those ice-cold winter temperatures (which makes the walk more enjoyable for you and your pup). Grab a tall hooded sweatshirt for winter walks here.

    4. Work on Your Car in the Cold

    Tall Man Wearing hoodies for tall skinny guys

    Car maintenance doesn't stop in winter. If working on your car in the cold is a situation you can't avoid, it's important you're warm and comfortable while you do it. Having a hoodie that's easy to throw on, warm, and durable is essential for winter car work. Order yours here!

    5. Stay Comfy While You Work From Home

    Tall Guys Wearing hoodies for tall skinny guys

    For the tall guys who work from home, it's important to have a good collection of comfy clothes that also aren't quite pajamas, so you can still be professional and put-together. Our Tall Hoodies are a great option because they're warm, soft to the touch, stylish, and simple: the perfect work-from-home fit. Grab one here today.

    At Redwood Tall Outfitters, our Tall Hoodies are one of our favorite products, and we hope these reasons explain why. It's one of the comfortable and versatile products we offer, and we know if you're a tall guy, you'll love having it this winter. Thanks for reading and stay warm out there!

    Annabelle Healy
    Annabelle Healy

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