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    Why We're a Brotherhood: The Tall, Slim Community

    by Annabelle Healy Published: January 09, 2023 · Last Updated: January 09, 2023

    Why We're a Brotherhood: The Tall, Slim Community

    We know you've experienced your fair share of inconsiderate, big box stores that sell low-quality product at a high markup just to make a buck. It's frustrating companies are so impersonal and insensitive these days.

    Tall skinny guys have it even worse, because what they need is often so hard to find. Looking to a company that doesn't even understand what it's like to be tall & slim - it's doomed from the beginning.

    That's why this is our mission statement: 

    To build a brotherhood of tall men through consistency in quality, fit and service.

    Our best interest isn't in ripping off tall skinny guys to make a fortune. It's to provide quality clothing and service to our fellow tall guys - we truly care more about the brotherhood here than anything.

    But what makes us a tall "brotherhood"? And how can you be a part of it?

    Tall Guys Wearing Tall Clothing

    At Redwood Tall Outfitters, we've done a lot to prioritize the community aspect of our tall, slim brand, and we're constantly improving. Here are just a few ways we stay connected to our tall community:

    1. Engagement on Social Media

    We love connecting with fellow tall skinny guys on social media. Whether it's laughing about classic #tallguyproblems or sharing helpful tips & tricks, this is a great place to get plugged into the tall men chat and tall social community we've already built! We're always looking for new members - tall skinny guys unite 💪

    Check out one of our recent reels here, partnering with 7-footer Sean. If his video isn't relatable, I don't know what is.

    2. Fast & Personal Customer Service

    A major problem with big box stores? Their customer service is often clunky, impersonal, and unforgiving. We understand it's hard to find the right fit as a tall guy, and we always want to help!

    Our customer service team is always ready to:

    • Offer free return shipping for returns and exchanges
    • Provide product details & measurements if you're curious
    • Replace damaged/lost orders
    • Give you fast order updates
    • ...And answer any other questions you might have.

    Tall Guys Wearing Tall T-Shirts

    3. A Fit Guide to Fit Your Needs

    Not only do we have a size chart on each product page, but we also have an in-depth Fit Guide for the tall guys who need the specifics before making a final purchase. We have nothing to hide, and we want you to feel confident in your purchase. We're completely transparent about our product materials, measurements, and reviews - and all that info is laid out in one place right here!

    4. Constantly Improving for You

    A huge part of building a community is trust. We believe our products can always be better, and we're constantly designing, improving, and building new product tall skinny guys actually need.

    One way we love involving the tall community in our product development is by asking for feedback! What would you love to see sold at Redwood Tall Outfitters? What new colors are you hoping for? What new styles would you love?

    This tall clothing for you - which is why your feedback is so important. Leave a comment with what you hope to see at Redwood Tall Outfitters in the future; we'd love your opinion!

    5. Quality Content Tall Skinny Guys Want

    The tall guy struggle is real, and sometimes it's nice to read from a perspective of someone who can relate.

    We make sure our Journal provides content you'd want - tall-related or not! We're constantly looking for fresh ideas that will add value to your life. Here are a few of our favorite articles from the past:

    Tall Guys Wearing Tall Clothes

    The point is, at Redwood Tall Outfitters, you're still that tall handsome guy everyone looks up to (see what I did there;). But you're not alone anymore. We're doing this tall life together, and it's a lot more fun with a brotherhood alongside you. 

    Our founder, Sam Huebner, shared his vision for Redwood Tall Outfitters with this story:

    My dad used to take my brothers and I to our local Big and Tall store where the owner would greet my dad by name. And while the clothing was usually too big for scrawny teenage boys, and the style certainly wasn’t what the cool kids were wearing, there was a tangible sense of community at that store. The owner, employees and customers all understood the life of a tall man.

    I founded Redwood Tall Outfitters with this brotherhood of tall men in mind. When you shop here, you should feel that same sense of community that I felt as a kid at the tall store with my dad. We understand you, we get your frustrations in a world built for the average man. And although Redwood Tall is so much more than clothing, we believe you should love the clothes you wear, and you should love the way they fit.

    We truly want the best for our fellow tall skinny guys, and we hope our tall brotherhood reflects that. So the question remains: how do you get plugged into our tall community?

    Here are a few options to support our tall brand and meet a few tall guys along the way:

    • Follow our Instagram page and leave a comment!
    • Leave a review on our website - what's your favorite Redwood Tall Outfitters product?
    • Comment on this post & join the tall men chat with what you hope we release in the future
    • Find fellow tall skinny guys by looking up #tallguyproblems on Instagram

    Join our brotherhood - we'd love to have you. Before you go, check out a few of our bestsellers below - approved by tall slim guys all over the country!

     Tall Guys Wearing Tall Sweatshirts

    ^^ Our selection of tall hoodies and jackets are perfect for this winter. Pick out your favorite color and order a few today - tall skinny guys need to stay warm too!

    Tall Guys Wearing Tall T-Shirts

    ^^ You simply can't go wrong with a couple of t-shirts you can trust. Our selection of tall tees are stylish, comfortable, and designed to fit that tall, slim build. Order a few here.

    Tall Guy Wearing Tall Long Sleeve Shirt

    ^^ Our 3-button Henley design adds just a touch of class to your casual comfy t-shirt. You'll be stylish and formal, but just as comfortable as if you were in pajamas. Order a classy Henley here.

    Annabelle Healy
    Annabelle Healy

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