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    What a Year...Lessons Learned and Our New, Improved Tees

    by Sam Huebner Published: October 23, 2020 · Last Updated: March 10, 2021

    What a Year...Lessons Learned and Our New, Improved Tees

    An open letter from Redwood Tall Outfitters founder, Sam Huebner

    I was told by a lot of people who I have a lot of respect for to stay out of clothing. It’s complex. There’s a huge learning curve. People are picky about how their clothing fits. But my own frustrations as a tall man with finding high quality clothing that fits led me to ignore this advice.

    You can read every book, dive into case studies, talk to experts, but I’ve always believed that the best way to learn something new is to jump in and just do it. This mindset pushed me to becoming an entrepreneur, and it comes with its failures opportunities to learn quickly. The first year in business at Redwood Tall Outfitters has been filled with these opportunities.

    Our biggest lesson we’ve learned this year is that establishing consistency in sizing in fit is much more difficult than we anticipated. It’s also arguably the most important focus of a clothing company for tall men.

    We’ve been gathering feedback from you, our customers, since we launched about a year ago. The consensus is that our sizing and fit: 1) err on the side of being too small; and 2) needs to be more consistent.

    So what have we done with this feedback?

    1. We hired a Pattern Maker and Size Grader (fancy apparel industry titles for someone who specializes in sizing and fit)
    2. Improved our pre-wash process to further reduce shrinkage
    3. Extended our sizing chart to additional sizes

    The result is a greatly improved t-shirt that we are proud to now offer at

    What you can expect

    You might wear a different size than before

    We’ve essentially moved our sizing chart down a size (i.e. if you were an XLT before, you might be an LT now). We have also greatly improved our Size Recommender, I encourage you to check it out before ordering.

    Longer, more comfortable tees

    We’ve added length to our tees based on your feedback. Our Pattern Maker also greatly improved the fit of our tees, they are so much more comfortable.

    Greater consistency

    Different colors and different materials all handle the washing process differently. We have taken this into account with our new tees so you can expect our tees to fit consistently across the board.

    New colors, new products

    Many of you asked for classic more color options. We're expecting new colors in the very near future, and with our sizing and fit dialed in, you can also expect new product offerings in the very near future.

    Still have questions?

    I’m here to help, you can always reach me at Please don’t ever hesitate to shoot me an email.

    If you had issues with your original tees from us over the past year, please reach out to me so I can make things right. If you don’t love what you’ve ordered from us, I would love the opportunity to show you how far we’ve come with these new tees.



    Sam Huebner
    Sam Huebner

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