Holiday Gift Guide for Tall Guys: 2021

by Annabelle Healy Published: November 05, 2021 · Last Updated: November 05, 2021

Holiday Gift Guide for Tall Guys: 2021

Between the shortages in merchandise already, low stock in many stores, and holidays creeping up faster than expected, it's time to get a head start on Christmas shopping.

Here are some of our favorites we know you'll love. Plus, we made it easy to follow so you can make your bros feel extra special this Christmas, or to send to your special lady (hint hint;-).

Redwood Tall Outfitters holiday gift guide for guys

1. Always No-Stick Cooking Pan: This savvy pan replaces 8 traditional pieces of cookware and looks pretty sleek. Soon you'll be doing all your cooking in one pan! It's deep enough to boil and even comes with a spatula and a built-in spoon rest. Plus, your wife will be thrilled to declutter her kitchen by getting this all-in-one pan.

2. Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey: This #1 New York Times Bestseller is a memoir about the award-winning actor's unflinching honesty and wisdom through experience. At 50 years old, he took a trip to the desert with his diaries and 52 days later, came out with this book. It's the kind of book you experience more than read, so we know you'll love it.

3. Range Finder: For the golfing guy, this is the perfect gift. This Range Finder can pinpoint your distance from the hole to improve your golfing game. Plus, it's the #1 Range Finder the professionals use, and it latches onto your golfing cart seamlessly. An avid golfer will be impressed.

4.Onyx Coffee Subscription: Onyx Coffee goes around the world to find unique, delicious coffees - and then sends them straight to your front door. Plus, they have a coffee advent calendar for an early Christmas present, perfect for any coffee connoisseur. Spice up that morning cup of joe this year.

5. Tidbyt Retro Display: This retro display is a blast from the past that keeps you up to date. Track your favorite stock tickers, check the time and weather, and display your calendar for the perfect desk addition. Plus, it looks pretty cool and brings you back to the good old days;-)

6. Traeger Pellet Grill & Smoker: This grill is definitely a step up from the rusty one you likely have on your back porch. It's controlled remotely by the Traeger app on your phone, gives anything you smoke a real wood flavor, and looks pretty awesome. Revolutionized BBQ, yes please.

7.Lightweight Work Gloves: These durable, Alaskan lightweight gloves are perfect for year round hands-on work. They’re lightweight, high dexterity, and breathe better than leather chore gloves, but they don't sacrifice durability. Perfect for the avid outdoorsman.

8. Grilling Apron: This apron is no joke. Created in a professional kitchen, tested by chefs worldwide, and refined for almost a decade - we could go on and on. They boldly claim: "go ahead, make the red sauce in the white tee, try for the soufflé, let the kid pour the flour: we’ve got your front." It also pairs well with #1 and #6;-)

9. Bombas Socks: If there's one thing that's hard to get just right, it's socks. For all our ankle sock guys out there, this is the way to go. They're made with super high quality cotton, they feel like clouds, and they let your ankles breathe like they need to (so you're comfy no matter what you're doing). Plus, free shipping! 

10. Redwood Tall Hooded Sweatshirt: Our sweatshirts fit - unlike all the others you've tried and have piling up in your dusty closet. They're made of french terry cotton that's soft, luxurious, and never pills. And they're sure to keep you warm and cozy this winter. Order a sweatshirt today while they're in stock!

11. Carhartt Tool Bag: For the handyman out there: you need an upgrade. This tool bag has dozens of interior and exterior pockets, durable & water-repellant fabric, and a rubber base so the fabric doesn't stain in the mud. Plus, it's rated 4.9 stars on Amazon, so you know it's good.

12. Kindle Paperwhite: Have thousands of novels at your fingertips with the Kindle Paperwhite (which is now waterproof, by the way). Picture this: It's a balmy summer day, you're relaxing in the pool reading a classic and sipping an ice cold beer... sounds like the dream? This is the gift for you.

There's something here for every guy, no matter how selective and short their Christmas list may be. So start shopping early and secure those gifts for all the special guys in your life!

And if all else fails, we're confident you can find something for the tall guy in your family at Redwood Tall Outfitters. Our shirts, hoodies, zip-ups, and crew necks are high value, comfortable, and fit just right on any tall, slim guy who doesn't want the big. Shop now and knock out your Christmas shopping early!

Happy shopping!

Annabelle Healy
Annabelle Healy

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