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    Tall Guy Profile: Daniel

    by Jessica Pando Published: April 27, 2021 · Last Updated: April 27, 2021

    Tall Guy Profile: Daniel

    Our second feature was an easy choice, meet Daniel. Daniel is a family friend (he is actually distantly related to our founder, Sam - view Sam's profile here), an officer in the Space Force and a Redwood Tall model!

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    Tall Guy Profile #2


    Colorado Springs, CO

    How tall are you?

    What do you do for a living?
    I’m a Cyber Operations Officer in the United States Space Force.

    What car do you drive?
    Honda Pilot. Not the sexiest car, but it’s versatile and has a ton of head and leg room!

    When did you first realize you were tall?
    I was always one of the tallest kids in my grade, but when I got to 8th grade and was already 6’1’’ (taller than both my parents) it started to hit me that I was going to be taller than most other guys.

    Most impressive growth spurt?
    Between 13-14 I went from 5’8’’ to 6’4’’. Growing eight inches in a year was not as great as it seems.

    What do you love most about being tall?
    Hard to pick one thing. I guess one simple pleasure is always in being able to see the stage at a concert.

    What do you hate most about being tall?
    I love being tall but honestly, but cramped air plane seats are never fun.

    How tall is your tallest friend?
    I have a lot of tall family and friends, but the tallest is probably 6’8”.

    Dumbest question someone has asked you about your height (please don’t include any of the questions I’m asking you)?
    “How tall are your parents? They must be giants right?” I don’t necessarily hate the question but just think it’s funny that I get asked it all the time. But the answer is, my dad is 6’ and my mom is 5’9”.

    If you could change your height, would you? Why or why not?
    No, while there are some inconveniences that go along with being tall it’s really all I’ve ever known.

    What is the most difficult piece of clothing to find?
    Pants. I wear a 36 inseam which isn’t typically sold in store so I just have to order online and then hope the fit is right.

    What is your favorite piece of clothing you own?
    Since I wear a uniform for work everyday, I am usually looking for casual clothes that also look good. That’s why my go-tos are the Redwood Tall tees and crew neck sweatshirt. I recommend both of these to all my tall friends and family!

    Any advice for your fellow tall man?
    Be a role model and set a positive example. I learned at a young age that being tall makes you literally standout from the crowd and people are always watching you.


    Jessica Pando
    Jessica Pando

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