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    Small Business Saturday 2021

    by Annabelle Healy Published: November 27, 2021 · Last Updated: November 27, 2021

    Small Business Saturday 2021

    Hey Redwood Tall crew. We wanted to celebrate Small Business Saturday this year by featuring a few of our favorite small companies (and we know you'll love them too:). We love supporting other small businesses out there! Read more about our journey as a small business here. Today we're featuring camping gear, dog leashes, and much more ~ let's jump in!

    Alpinecho - Honest Outdoor Goods:

    Alpinecho Enamel Mugs


    Alpinecho was started by a Colorado native couple who practically lives outdoors in the Rockies. Sarah does every unique piece of art for their products and Ryan runs the numbers (and fishes a lot on the side). They sell everything from nalgenes to greeting cards, but our personal favorite is their Elk Enamel Mug (talk about drinking your coffee in style).

    This rugged company has two missions: to treat the wilderness as their art studio, and to create quality outdoor goods made with integrity. Not only are their products built to last, but they're manufactured right here in the USA to prevent supply-chain slavery and human exploitation abroad.

    Atlas Pet Company:

    Atlas Pet Company Lifetime Collar


    Time to upgrade your best friend's outfit. Atlas Pet Company makes dog leashes, collars, and dog bowls for the most active pups out there. Plus, you can count on only having to buy once - their products are made to last a lifetime.

    We thought their Dog Bowl was especially innovative (they call it "the lightest and smallest travel bowl available for active dogs"). It's perfect for tucking into your backpack on a long hike and whipping out when your pup gets thirsty.

    Wild Oak Supplements

    Wild Oak Rush Pre-Workout Supplement

    This pre-workout is perfect for the guy who wants a good pump after his workout. Wild Oak blended Creatine, Caffeine, L-Citrulline, and Beta Alanine to create the best supplement for intense energy and focus, increased work capacity, and an insane pump. Just take one scoop before working out and you'll definitely see the difference.

    Wild Oak also donates a portion of their net profits to the Tim Tebow foundation, which fights to end human trafficking globally. You can be confident when you buy Wild Oak Pre-Workout that you're not only making notable changes in your own fitness, but you're supporting missions that improve the world by fighting abuse and injustice.

    Moohah Creatives

    Moohah Creatives Van Life

    This small company is ready to stock your van with all the essentials you need for comfortable road trips. They sell Window Covers to stay cozy and warm in your van, Home-Loomed Blankets (which are super durable for travel), and insulated Fan and Vent Covers.

    The small company was started by Sean and his two daughters, and both girls designed each pattern on their products themselves. They travel the country in their van, Moohah, and share products that make van life that much better along the way. If you're planning to get a way from mundane life soon, this small company is a must.

    Robin's Pantry ~ Andy's Sweet Jalapeño Mustard

    Andy's Sweet Jalapeño Mustard

    Just looking through Robin's Pantry makes my stomach grumble. Not only do Robin and her husband Andy sell delicious smoky, cranberry, green olive & garlic, and original Sweet Jalapeño Mustard, but they also cater delicious comfort food in Nebraska.

    Simply imagine what homey Nebraska cooking tastes like and you'll get a good idea of what you're ordering when you purchase from Robin and Andy. Just don't order when you're hungry! You might be tempted to try everything they sell.

    Mountain Standard Mrkt

    Mountain Standard Market Wild Turkey Print

    Bring the mountains indoors with these rustic prints sold from a small, Idaho-based company!

    This small company makes art to spruce up any home office, den, or living room. With unique quotes from favorite holiday movies to vintage Birds of America Wild Turkey Prints, they're the perfect statement piece to any room. Our favorites are the Birds of America prints (pictured above) and their "America Why I Love Her" poetry print. Perfect accent to any patriot's home.

    When you order from a small business, you can be confident your order is appreciated much more and handled with much more care than larger, corporate businesses.

    Support small businesses this holiday season by adding gifts like these to your Christmas list and shopping cart. You'll not only give awesome gifts to your loved ones, but you'll give the gift of support to small businesses all over the U.S.

    Happy shopping!

    Annabelle Healy
    Annabelle Healy

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